WP Travel Engine Product Update – May 2023

We’re excited to bring you the first edition of our monthly Product Update, packed with the latest updates to WP Travel Engine.

Last month, we introduced some significant enhancements, including an upgrade to our Zapier Addon Data Export, new features in our Trips Block, and the launch of our Analytics Dashboard.

These updates are designed to manage your travel business even easier and provide you with business insights.

Let’s explore what we built in WP Travel Engine last month.

1. Improved Data Export for Zapier Addon

Our Zapier addon for WP Travel Engine has been upgraded. Previously, you could not extract all the additional trip services data using our Extra Services addon to Zapier, which could have been more convenient. This update allows you to access your Extra Services data using Zapier webhooks easily.

Zapier extra services integration

2. New Features in the Trips Block

We’ve supercharged the Trips block, giving you more control over organizing and displaying your trips.

Trips- WTE Block

New Sorting and Filtering Option “By Terms”

We’ve added a new filtering option in the Trip block. Now, you can sort and filter trips according to tags, destinations, trip types, activities, difficulty levels, and more.

By terms- trip blocks

Improved “Search and Select” Filtering Option

Our Search and Select filtering option has had a makeover. Now, type just two or more characters to include any trip and any number of trips.

Search and select filter option - WTE

Customizable Trip Card Heading Tag

You now have the power to change the heading tag of individual trip cards from the Trip Display Setting area.

Customizable Trip Card Heading Tag

Displays Trips Description

We’ve fixed issues with trip descriptions. Toggle on the Trip Description option from the Trip Display Setting area to display all trip descriptions.

Displays Trips Description

3. Temporary Removal of Message Menu

The Message Menu tab is temporarily unavailable. We’re working on improvements and plan to reintegrate it into the dashboard for a better user experience.

Message Menu area
Message Menu area

4. Say Hello to the Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard- Overview

Meet the new kid on the block – the Analytics Dashboard!

Designed with you in mind, it offers a snapshot of your data. Curious? Learn more about it here.

5. Fixed Translation Issue with Enquiry’s Email Subject

We’ve resolved the issue with the Enquiry Email Subject not being translatable. Now, it can be translated into multiple languages for personalized communication.

6. Menu Organized

We’ve also revamped our Admin Menu for a smoother, more intuitive navigation experience.

Organizes Plugin Admin Menu Items

Say goodbye to menu confusion with our newly organized Admin Menu. We’ve smartly grouped related functions together, streamlining your navigation process. Now, you can effortlessly locate the settings and options you need, making your workflow more efficient and hassle-free.

What are We Building Next?

June 2023 is set to be a thrilling month, packed with new features and enhancements for WP Travel Engine. Here’s a sneak peek at what we’re crafting:

  • Analytics Dashboard Upgrade: We’re supercharging the Analytics Dashboard with more features to provide deeper insights into your travel business.
  • Email Per Trip: Get ready for personalized communication! This feature will enable you to send trip-specific information to customers upon booking.
  • Custom Enquiry Form: Flexibility at your fingertips! You’ll soon be able to use your own WordPress form as an alternative to our current enquiry form.
  • Enquiry to Multiple Users: Communication made easy! This feature will allow multiple users to receive enquiry form submissions, ensuring all relevant parties stay in the loop.
  • Export Booking Data: You’ll soon be able to download booking data for all tour participants, making follow-up emails a breeze.
  • Mandatory Extra Services: This feature will allow you to make certain extra services compulsory when booking a trip, ensuring customers don’t miss out on key offerings.
  • Conditional Display of Trip: Tailor your trip displays! Hide trips without fixed departure dates based on conditions you set.
  • Single Trip Edit: We’re starting work on a feature that will make the Single Trip page editable using the Elementor plugin. This is a complex feature, so we’ll be continuing its development into the following month.

We are dedicated to improving our platform at WP Travel Engine to offer you the simplest and most effective tools for managing your travel business. The recent updates and improvements, from the smooth data transfer to the user-friendly screens, are designed to give you more control and make your work easier.

We encourage you to explore these new features and take advantage of the valuable insights they provide. As always, we value your feedback and are excited to continue improving your travel business management experience with WP Travel Engine.

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