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Professional and ready-to-use tour and travel WordPress themes to kick-start your travel booking site immediately.


Recommended Community Themes

These tour and travel themes are developed by developers and designers in the WP Travel Engine community. So, they support and are compatible with WP Travel Engine.

If you’re looking to create a website for your travel agency or tour company, you’ll need a theme specifically designed for travel and tour businesses.

Many WordPress themes call themself tour and travel themes. Still, they lack the essential features that are a must in travel websites, such as group discount, fixed departure dates, advanced search, ability to offer different travel packages, extra services, partial payment and so on.

So, you need a travel theme that will help you create a full-fledged travel and tour booking website and start selling immediately.

What to Look For in Travel Agency WordPress Themes?

When looking for travel WordPress themes, make sure that they include the following features:

  1. Smart Booking Process: Make sure your theme has a smart booking process. This means it will be easy for people to book trips and tours through your website.
  2. Support Multiple Payment Gateways: Make sure the theme supports most payment gateways. This will allow people to pay for their trips and tours in various ways.
  3. Advanced Search: Search a matching trip can be complex. So, ensure the theme supports advanced search based on destination, duration, cost, date and custom filter. This allows customers to search and find trips quickly.
  4. Fixed Departure Dates: Some trips are operated on a specified date. So, the ability to allow booking on a specific date only will come in handy.
  5. Group Discount: The ability to provide discounts based on the number of people booking a trip will help increase booking and average order value.
  6. Partial Payment: You might not need the total payments upfront when a guest makes a booking. So, select a theme that provides you feature to collect upfront partial payment (percentage or fixed amount).
  7. Extra Services: You might want to sell more services to the same customer, such as airport pickup/drop, room upgrades, etc. So, choose a theme that will provide you with features to sell extra services.
  8. Offer different packages: You might have different packages of the same trip, such as budget, luxury, etc. So, the theme should provide you with the features to create various packages and sell them.
  9. Coupon Code: You might want to give a discount once in a while to attract customers to your site or run sales. With the coupon code feature, you can provide coupons to customers to get discounts.
  10. Progressing Booking Bar: Research has shown the progressive booking bar help increases booking by 15%. So, your travel theme must have a progressive booking bar.
  11. Reviews: Reviews are a goldmine for the travel business. The theme should support showing reviews from your customers.
  12. SEO-friendly: SEO is important for travel agencies. So, the theme you select should be SEO-friendly. In addition, it should support Schema (microdata), which helps search engines like Google better understand your website. 
  13. Mobile-friendly: A lot of travelers search for and book trips on mobile. So, your travel and tour theme should be responsive and display nicely in all screen sizes.

Why Choose Travel Agency WordPress Themes powered by WP Travel Engine? 

All the themes listed on this page are powered by WP Travel Engine plugin. 

WP Travel Engine is the leading travel booking WordPress used by more than 10,000 travel websites. 

WP Travel Engine provides you with all the features to create travel agency websites and sell with less effort. 

There are many reasons to use travel agency themes powered by WP Travel Engine:

1. Trusted by 10,000+ Travel Operator

10,000+ customers have trusted WP Travel Engine. So you can have peace of mind knowing that you are not alone in this journey. If anything is missing or there is any issue, it will be fixed quickly.

2. Made to create SEO-friendly travel WordPress

WP Travel Engine has been made with a strong focus on SEO. It includes Schema support to help Google understand your website content better. Plus, it is regularly updated and improved to ensure WP Travel Engine helps travel agency owners to have a competitive advantage in SEO. 

3. Made for Travel Business 

WP Travel Engine is made specifically for travel and tour operators. So, it has everything you need to create a travel website. The travel and tour themes listed on this page support the features of WP Travel Engine. So, you don’t have to worry about the design and start building your site quickly. 

4. Continuously Updated and Improved 

WP Travel Engine is continuously updated and improved based on customer feedback and research. So, when you use the themes powered by WP Travel Engine, your website always gets the latest features and enhancements.