New Release- WP Travel Engine v5.8.4

We are excited to introduce our latest update, WP Travel Engine v5.8.4, following the recent release of version 5.8.3. 

This new version includes essential enhancements, bug fixes, and internal code maintenance.

Let’s take a look at what’s new in WP Travel Engine v5.8.4.


1. Accurate Down Payment Calculations

Down payments are now calculated based on the total trip price after factoring in discounts and taxes, guaranteeing accurate down payment amounts.

2. Improved Code Structure

  • We introduced a new class, WPTravelEngine\Core\Cart, to manage cart functionality, replacing the previous WTE_Cart class. This improves the code’s organization and maintainability.
  • To handle coupon functionality, we implemented a new class, WPTravelEngine\Core\Coupon. This class provides a dedicated class for managing coupons.
  • We introduced a new class, WPTravelEngine\Core\Cart\Item, to represent individual cart items. This class improves the data structure and clarity of cart items. 
  • To manage tax calculations, we added a new class, WPTravelEngine\Core\Tax. It provides dedicated functionality for handling taxes.

Bug Fixes

  • Trip Booking Widget: The trip booking widget can now fetch data for draft trips,  resolving an issue caused by an API restriction.
  • Trip Enquiry Form  Shortcode: [WP_TRAVEL_ENGINE_TRIP_ENQUIRY_FORM] shortcode no longer displays trips with “trash” and “draft” statuses. The selector will only display active trips.
  • Manual Booking Error: We have resolved an error that occurred when manually inserting a booking within the admin panel. Manual bookings can now be created successfully. 


At WP Travel Engine, we always strive to enhance our plugin to serve your needs better. Our goal is to make it the foremost tool for managing your online travel business.

We value your suggestions! What new features would improve WP Travel Engine for you? Please share your thoughts – your input is precious to us.

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