New Release- WP Travel Engine v5.8.3

At WP Travel Engine, our goal is to provide you, the travel business owner, with the best tools and features to enhance your travel services. 

We recently released WP Travel Engine v5.8.2, and now we’re back with the new version 5.8.3. We’re overjoyed that the latest update has important improvements and bug fixes. 

Here’s a quick look at what’s new in WP Travel Engine v5.8.3. 


1. Rank Math Compatibility

The WP Travel Engine and Rank Math plugins now work better together. Before, Rank Math calculated scores based on trip editor content and excerpts only. 

However, it can now calculate scores based on the overall content of custom trip tabs, including the Overview, Trip Itinerary, Trip Cost Includes or Excludes, and FAQs. 

Rank Math Compatibility

2. Multilingual Validation Message

We’ve made the form validation messages translation-ready. You can now translate the strings using the translation plugins. 

Multilingual Validation Message

Bug Fixes

  • Booking with Unavailable Seats: We resolved an issue where bookings could be made even if no seats were available in a selected pricing package.
  • Customer Notification Control: A new option named “Enable Customer Notification” has been added. Toggling this option off will prevent the default WP Travel Engine customer email from being sent, allowing only the WooCommerce email notification to be sent.
  • Elementor Trip Listing Widget Conflict: A conflict with the “the_content” hook in the Elementor trip listing widget has been fixed. This issue caused the entire page content to be displayed incorrectly in the trip description.
  • Trip Cloning – Meta Settings: We ensured that trip metas are properly set during the trip cloning process.
  • Terms Listing Scrolling: We’ve added a scroll feature to terms listings (destinations, trip types, etc.) to prevent child terms from being hidden when you hover over the parent term.


At WP Travel Engine, we’re constantly working to make our plugin even more useful for you. We want it to be the best tool possible for managing your travel business.

That’s why we love to hear your ideas!  What new features would make WP Travel Engine even better for you?  Let us know – your feedback is invaluable.

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