Introducing WP Travel Engine v5.9: Gutenberg Blocks, FSE Theme and More!

Great news for WP Travel Engine users! 

After months of anticipation, Gutenberg Blocks are here to revolutionize the creation of your trip page. Now, you can simply drag and drop pre-made blocks to create beautiful and informative pages for your tours.

But wait, there’s more!

We’re also introducing a new Pattern Engine plugin, offering even more customizable block combinations. Plus, a brand new travel theme, TravelVerse, to perfectly showcase and sell your tours.

Let’s dive right in and explore these exciting features!

Gutenberg Blocks for Trip Page Creation

Single Trip Blocks for WTE users

Building beautiful and informative trip pages just got a whole lot easier! We’ve introduced a complete set of Gutenberg blocks specifically designed to streamline trip page creation.

Using these blocks, you can now drag, drop, and arrange dedicated blocks for itineraries, pricing, reviews, booking forms, and more.

Plus, each block offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to tailor the content and design to perfectly match your brand identity.

How can you benefit from it:

  • Fully compatible with Gutenberg. 
  • Unlock 20+ new blocks to customize your single trip pages.
  • Easy to use, and no tech expert required. 
  • Mobile-friendly and fully customizable blocks.
  • Arrange blocks however you see fit to create unique and engaging layouts for each trip page.

Here are the new blocks you’ll have access to:

Trip Booking BlockTrip Itinerary Altitude Chart Block (Pro)
Trip Duration BlockTrip Map Block
Trip Description BlockTrip Enquiry Block
Trip Highlights BlockWP Travel Engine Tab Block
Trip Facts BlockFixed Starting Dates (Pro)
Trip Gallery BlockStar Rating Block (Pro)
Cost Excludes BlockTrip Ratings Block (Pro)
Cost Includes BlockReviews Count Block (Pro)
Trip FAQs BlockStars Bar Graph Block (Pro)
Trip Itinerary BlockReview Form Block (Pro)

Please visit our dedicated page for details about the features and benefits of these Single Trip Blocks.

Bonus for you- Patterns for Trip Review Add-on 

With the new update, you will also get access to three pre-designed patterns for the Trip Review add-on. You can use this pattern to showcase customer’s reviews and ratings efficiently.

  • Review Block Pattern
  • Aggregate Reviews Pattern
  • Average Ratings Pattern

Note: In order to use these patterns, you must install and activate the Trip Reviews add-on from WP Travel Engine.

Newly Released Plugin: Pattern Engine

New Pattern Engine Plugin

Introducing Pattern Engine, a brand new plugin built exclusively for WP Travel Engine users! 

The Pattern Engine plugin is an extensive library of pre-designed and customizable page block patterns. With a single click, you can import pre-built patterns to create and manage layouts for your travel website.

Pattern Engine plugin comes loaded with:

  • Over 25 free block patterns to get you started!
  • An extra 25 pro block patterns (available with a pro upgrade)

For detailed instructions on using the Pattern Engine plugin, please refer to our documentation. Pattern Engine Documentation

New FSE Theme – TravelVerse 

TravelVerse New FSE Theme

We’re excited to present TravelVerse, a new Full Site Editing (FSE) theme designed for travel and tour booking websites.

FSE, or Full Site Editing, is a powerful WordPress feature that empowers you to take complete control of your website’s design and layout. With TravelVerse, you can create a unique and visually appealing travel website that reflects your brand.

TravelVerse is a feature-rich FSE theme perfectly suited for:

  • Travel agencies
  • Tour operators
  • City tours
  • Trekking adventures
  • Hiking expeditions
  • Cycling tours
  • Jungle safaris
  • And much more!

For detailed instructions on using the TravelVerse theme, please refer to our documentation.

More Features Are On The Way

We’re always working to make WP Travel Engine the best plugin for your travel business! 

Please let us know if you have any ideas for making it even better! 

We love hearing your thoughts on these new features and what else you’d like to see in the future. Let’s team up to build the best travel website tool ever!

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