Travel Muni

Travel Muni is a user-friendly, easy-to-use, and powerful travel booking WordPress theme. You can create a professional and SEO-friendly travel website using it. 

Travel Muni is compatible with WP Travel Engine, the most popular travel booking plugin, which allows you to sell tours online. You can add trips, destinations, trip types, activities and highlight your tours. Your guests can easily book any tour they like

Travel Muni is mobile responsive, which means your content will fit perfectly on any devices. It also passes the Google Mobile-friendly test. 

The theme is fully customizable to blend with your needs. The theme packs several sections, including CTA, destinations, testimonials, blogs, special offers, and others. 

Travel Muni is SEO-ready and integrates Schema markup, so your chances of ranking higher than your competitors drastically increases. Likewise, speed optimization and fast loading speed ensure a better browsing experience and higher ranking on search engines as well. 

Other notable features worth mentioning are social media integration, widgets ready, translation ready, RTL scripts, and one-click updates.

Travel Muni is for you if: 

  • You want a modern and gorgeous travel booking WordPress site without writing a single code or hiring a developer.
  • You want to start a travel booking website.
  • You want to personalize your website with minimal effort.
  • You need a pixel-perfect website that is ready for any screen.
  • You want more conversions and bookings on your website.
  • You want your guests to quickly search and find tours 
  • You want more user retention and engagement on your website.
  • You want world-class support from experts in case of any troubles or queries.

Features of Travel Muni

Travel Muni is a powerful WordPress theme to accommodate all your travel website needs. It bundles all the modern features and functionalities under one roof to make it easily accessible to all users. 

Further, the theme is beginner-friendly so that any level user can get along with the theme and tweak their website with ease. Here are the features of the theme that will help you set up a website that is one of its kind: 

Gorgeous Responsive/ Mobile Friendly Design

Travel Muni graciously displays your site on any screen size. It leaves no pixel behind on any device to render high-resolution content.

The theme passes Google’s Mobile-Friendly test and ensures a smooth browsing experience on PCs, tablets, or mobile phones and better ranking on search engines.

Easy-to-use Theme Settings Panel with Live Preview

You will find all the theme-related settings in the theme settings panel. All the toggles and tweaks are well managed in the panel to facilitate smooth customization. Further, you get a live preview of the changes you make, so the editing is much easier and lively. 

Optimized for Faster Loading and Performance

If you love fast loading websites, Travel Muni will definitely impress you. This lightweight theme delivers optimum performance and fast loading speed to decrease bounce rates and improve users’ experience.

Travel Booking Toolkit

To offer the best experience using the Travel Muni theme, the theme recommends the Travel Booking Toolkit plugin. This useful plugin adds extra homepage sections and useful widgets to the theme, which will benefit the users’ experience and increase trip booking on your website. 

WP Travel Engine Compatible

Travel Muni is compatible with WP Travel Engine. WP Travel Engine is the world’s leading travel booking plugin, and 10,000+ travel agencies use it. It empowers you to create tours and sell them easily.  

Advanced Trips Search

Advanced Trips Search lets your visitors search trips on your website based on the destination, duration, activities, price, and other criteria. It improves user convenience and also saves time. 

Paypal Payment Gateway

The Travel Muni theme offers a PayPal gateway feature as a built-in feature. Now, your customers can book trips on your site, and you can receive payments on your PayPal account.

Pre-made Multiple Unique Layouts

The theme has several pre-made layouts for different website elements. You can set the layout that you like the best from the customizer. 

2 Header Layouts 

Select from 2 striking header layouts and make a long-lasting impression among your new visitors. 

2 Banner Layouts 

Highlight your important or popular destination and posts using two different banner layouts. You can also add CTA buttons to guide visitors into taking action and becoming leads. 

Sidebar Layouts 

Travel Muni has different sidebar layouts for your posts and pages to grab attention effortlessly. Also, you have the control to set a different layout for each of your posts and pages.

Static Image/Video with Call-to-Action (CTA)

Attach a CTA button to your banner and get ready for more lead generation without much effort. You can also add an image or video to the banner to make it more appealing.

Trips Search Bar Option

Enable your visitors to search for what they are looking for in your site using the search bar option.

Intro Section

Give short and discrete information about your business using the Intro Section. This will give your visitors a quick glimpse of how you are and what services you offer. 

Destinations Section 

Display all your popular destination tour services you offer in the Destination Section. This helps visitors quickly find the best travel options for them. 

Testimonials Section 

Building trust and credibility are easier with Travel Muni. It has a dedicated Testimonials section that lets you add comments and experiences of your customers.

Popular Section 

Use the Popular Section to add your trips and gain more attention to them. Visitors are more likely to check out the popular trips than other sections.

Activities Section

List out all the activities of all your trips in the Activities Section to make it easy for your visitors to know the trip details.

Special Offer Section

Let your visitors know about your special offers during the holiday season or special occasions.

Info Section 

The dedicated Info Section lets you add information about your business with more details. You can also share your achievements and experience of successful tours. This will give visitors more reasons to travel with you. 

Blog Section

Blogs are a proven way to increase user retention on websites. We recommend adding trip blogs highlighting the packages in detail. You can link your blogs with CTA or links to the page from where they can book the trip.

Recommendation Section

Have you received any recommendations from other websites? If so, why not display their logos on the Recommendation Section? Doing so helps in building trust among new visitors. 

Trip Page Settings

The theme has multiple options to tweak the trip page settings in the customizer. You can make adjustments as you like to make your site look professional. 

Related Trip Settings 

Give several trip options relating to the ones your visitors are currently browsing. It increases user retention and also the possibility of conversion. Further, you can set the number of related trips and also classify the trips depending on trip types, destinations, and activities. 

Custom Site Logo

Personalize your website by adding a custom site logo to your header. 

Custom Background 

Instantly set a custom background image that reflects your brand and blends with your needs. 

Custom Header with Image

Gain full control over your header and add a custom image to it. You can also add your phone number, email, and header search to the header. 

Social Media Integration 

We have integrated social media to the Travel Muni theme so that your site can easily reach out to a larger audience. You can link your website to popular social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and others. You can get more visitors with this feature. 

Built-in SEO Settings 

Our developers were focused on making Travel Muni SEO-ready so that your site ranks higher on search engines. Further, we have added some built-in features to give you further SEO benefits, such as breadcrumbs and the last updated date for your posts. We recommend toggling these settings on.

Post Excerpt 

Enable the post excerpt of your content ranging up to 100 words, to give a glimpse of your post. This way, visitors can know what the post is about without going through the post. 

Related Posts Toggle 

Show more of the related posts below every article and give a reason for your visitors to stay a bit longer. This increases user retention on your site, which is good for SEO.

Show/Hide Author Section

Toggle on the Author section from the customize and let visitors know a bit more about yourself. You can add a short description, your photo, signature, and social media profile links here as well. 

Advanced Post Control Options

Travel Muni gives you better control over your posts with multiple advanced post control options in the customizer, such as: 

  • Show/Hide Category
  • Show/Hide Post Author
  • Show/Hide Post Date

Custom Menu Options 

Add as many menus as you need on your website and arrange their locations as you prefer. 

4 Widget Areas 

The theme has 4 noticeable widget areas to add widgets and increase your site’s functionalities easily.

Footer Settings 

Personalize your footer by adding a description, phone number, and email. 

Footer Copyright Editor 

You can edit the footer with your copyright text and also add social media links, contact numbers, and supported payment options. 

WooCommerce Compatible 

As the theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce, you are ready to make online transactions on your site on the go. 

Gutenberg Compatible

Easily add blocks for your content using the Gutenberg editor. It also lets you edit, sort, manage, and delete the blocks as you prefer with a few clicks. 

Cross-Browser Compatible

We have tested Travel Muni to run smoothly on all the major browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and others. 

Easy Legibility 

Travel Muni uses the best combination of fonts, colors, font size, spacing, and typography to promote easy readability. 

RTL Scripts Ready

The theme supports Right-to-left scripts to promote your content in Hebrew, Persian, Arabic and other languages that use the RTL scripts. 

Translation Ready

Language translation is no longer an issue when you use Travel Muni. The theme is built to be translation-ready and support localization. 


The SEO-friendly design of the Travel Muni theme helps you gain a higher search engine ranking without breaking a sweat. 


As the theme is Schema-friendly, search bots can easily index your website. As a result, your website has better chances of ranking higher for relevant keywords.

One-Click Update

Stay up-to-date with all the latest theme feature releases with a single click. 

Custom CSS

If you have coding skills, Travel Muni lets you add your custom CSS codes to add features to your website. 

Clean Codes

Travel Muni is crafted with clean and well-organized codes to ensure a smooth website experience and better security. 

Extensive and Beginner-friendly Documentation 

We have detailed documentation that will help you get acquainted with the theme and help you use the theme effectively step by step. The documentation is beginner-friendly so that any user can follow the steps without any difficulties. 

Regular Updates with Feature Enhancements

We frequently release updates to all our products to ensure they are up-to-date with the feature enhancements, security patches, and WordPress versions. 

Top-notch Quick and Friendly Support

If you face any issues, don’t shy away from reaching out to us via a support ticket. We have an expert support team that will help you out with any theme-related issue in no time.


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