Travel Muni Pro

Travel Muni Pro is a feature-rich travel booking WordPress theme to create full-fledged and SEO-friendly travel websites. 

Travel Muni Pro is compatible with WP Travel Engine, the most popular travel booking plugin, which allows you to sell tours online. You can add tours, destinations, trip types, and activities and highlight your tours. In addition, it offers an excellent user experience to your guests to easily and quickly book any tour they like

Plus, Travel Muni Pro is responsive, which means your content will fit perfectly on any screen size. You can quickly get started with the one-click demo importer and import the demo as it is within minutes. 

The theme is fully customizable. You can adjust the sidebar, color, site logo, font, typography, header, etc. In addition, the theme comes with several sections such as Call-To-Action (CTA), destinations, testimonials, blogs, special offers, and others. 

Travel Muni Pro has SEO and performance as its top priorities. So, the theme provides a great browsing experience and faster loading speed. 

Other notable features worth mentioning are social media integration, widgets ready, translation ready, multilanguage compatible, RTL scripts, and one-click updates.

Travel Muni Pro is for you if: 

  • You want a modern and gorgeous travel booking WordPress site without writing a single code or hiring a developer.
  • You want to start a travel booking website.
  • You want to customize your website with minimal effort.
  • You need a responsive website that is ready for any screen.
  • You want more conversions and bookings on your website.
  • You want your guests to search and find tours quickly. 
  • You want world-class support from experts in case of any troubles or queries.

Features of Travel Muni Pro 

Travel Muni Pro is a powerful WordPress theme that takes your travel website to new heights. It is beginner-friendly and enlists all the features to set up a professional feature-flexed travel website in no time. Here’s what Travel Muni Pro offers: 

Gorgeous Responsive/ Mobile Friendly Design

Create a gorgeous website that renders perfectly on any screen size. The theme makes your website ready for all types of devices, from PC to tablets and mobile phones.

This theme passes the Google Mobile-Friendly Test to ensure a smooth experience for all your visitors and a better ranking on search engines.

One-Click Demo Import

Want a full-fledged website in a matter of minutes? The one-click demo import feature will load all the default content, settings, layouts, and designs for your website with a single click.

Easy-to-use Theme Settings Panel with Live Preview

We have placed all the theme settings under the theme settings panel. You can now easily adjust your website elements with a live preview.

Optimized for Faster Loading and Performance

There is no doubt that faster websites offer a better browsing experience. So, we have prioritized fast loading and optimum performance when crafting this theme.

WP Travel Engine Compatible

Travel Muni Pro is compatible with WP Travel Engine. WP Travel Engine is the world’s leading travel booking plugin, and 10,000+ travel agencies use it. It empowers you to create tours and sell them easily.  

Advanced Trips Search

Advanced Trips Search features enable your visitors to quickly find the trips based on duration, destination, price, activities, and various other criteria, which significantly helps to improve user experiences.


The destination feature allows you to create various destinations where you offer tours. Your website visitors can easily find tours according to the destination they want to travel to and make bookings. 


Travelers look for tours according to activities such as hiking, city tour, bird watching, jungle safari and so on. You can create various activities so travelers can easily find and book them according to their interests. 

Trip Types 

Travelers look for tours according to types such as dog-friendly, child-friendly, nature walk, and budget-friendly. You can create various trip types so travelers can quickly find and book.  

Paypal Payment Gateway

Travel Muni Pro comes with a built-in PayPal Payment gateway feature. Now, your customers can easily book your services, and you can receive payment on your PayPal account. 


Coupons are very effective in offering discounts and rewards to your guests. It is also helpful to bring old guests to your website and encourage them to try the new and profitable tours. You can easily create different kinds of coupons and leverage them with Travel Muni Pro. 

Custom Site Logo with Size Control 

Reflect your brand by adding a custom site logo to your website’s header. You can even adjust the logo size as you need. 

Easily Change Theme Color 

Don’t like the default theme color? The theme also has options to adjust your primary, secondary, and background color to change the look and feel easily and quickly. 

Typography Settings

There are multiple options in the theme to style your typography. For example, you can select from a vast collection of fonts, choose the font style, and adjust the font size to match your brand design.

Pre-made Multiple Unique Layouts

The Travel Muni Pro features multiple pre-made layouts for various elements of your website. You can use these features to set up an elegant page without trouble. 

5 Header Layouts 

Choose from 5 stunning header layouts to make the first impression among your visitors. 

3 Banner Layouts 

Select any banner layout from three options along with Call to Action buttons to encourage them to take necessary actions immediately.

Sidebar Layouts 

There are different sidebar layouts you can choose from for your posts and pages. Plus, you can select a different layout for each post and page as you like. 

4 Pagination Types 

Four different pagination styles – Next/Previous, Numbered, Load More, and Auto Infinite Scroll – help your visitors easily navigate your website pages.

1000+ Google Fonts Library 

The theme comes with an extensive collection of 1000+ Google Fonts that you can use to decorate your website. The list keeps on increasing with our new updates. 

2 Customizable Banner Options 

Your site’s banner is the first noticeable element on your website. Taking this into account, we have added two customization options to create a striking first impression. 

1. Static Image/Video with Call-to-Action (CTA)

Lead generation is much easier with Travel Muni Pro. Add an image or video CTA to your banner to get more leads. 

2. Banner as Slider with Advanced Controls

Highlight your blog and important website content using attractive banner sliders. You can set the number of slides, add captions, set the animation, and even adjust the slider speed.

Search Bar Option

Enable the search bar on your website to help your visitors quickly find what they are looking for on your site. 

Intro Section

Let your visitors know about you at a glance using the intro section. Here, you can have an intro title and a short description of your business. 

Destination Section 

Use this section to add all the popular destinations where you offer tours. This allows your visitors to find tours quickly based on destinations. 

Testimonial Section 

You can display your customers’ positive feedback and experience about their travel through your company. It helps to build trust among new visitors. 

Popular Section 

Add your popular trips in this section to gain more attention towards them. As a result, your visitors are more likely to explore your popular trips.

Activities Section

Display all your popular activities to make it easier for visitors to find the associated trips. 

This section also shows the number of trips available for each activity.

Special Offer Section

Do you offer any discount on certain occasions or events? If so, you can display the trips with special offers in this section. 

Info Section

The theme has a dedicated section where you can add information about your company. Use this section to share your achievements or list out the reasons why they should book with you.

Blog Section

Add your blog posts and highlights about your trips and tour packages in the blog section. It can help in user engagement on your website.

Add More Tour Section

You can add more sections like Popular Trips and Special Offers to show tours. You can even change the order of sections on the homepage to display them. 

Recommendation Section

Have you got any recommendations from other sites? If so, you can display their logos to showcase your achievements and build your visitors’ trust proudly. 

Home Page Sorting/Re-order

You have full control over sorting or re-ordering the homepage sections in any sequence you like. In addition, you can also disable any sections on the homepage.

One Page Website

You also have the option to set up a one-page navigation website to offer a smooth experience. 

About Page Template

Travel Muni Pro makes your website as explanatory as possible with the About Page template to provide detailed information about your company. For example, on the About Page, you can add the following details:

Who We Are Section 

In this section, give a short and professional description of who you are as a company. 

Our Value Section 

You can set the value that drives your business here.

Team Section 

How many of you are there as a team to run the business? You can give this information in this section. 

Legal Documents Section 

Uploading legal documents such as your license, permit, etc., is an excellent idea to gain customers’ trust.

Why Book With Us Section 

What are your specialties? How are you different from other tour and travel companies? You can explain these in this section.

Responsible Tourism Section 

You can add a short description of being a responsible and environment-friendly travel agency to appeal to socially and environmentally conscious travelers. 

Contact Section 

You can add Contact Form and let your visitors get in touch with you. 

Label Section 

Retitle all the labels on your about page sections with your own catchy words. 

Contact Page Template

Contact Page template serves as a go-to point for any visitor by providing complete information on how they can contact you. 

There are enough options in the Travel Muni Pro to help you set up a professional contact page section on your website. Here are the details: 

Google Map Settings 

The theme comes with the built-in Google Map integration. Now, you can show the map of different tours and destinations on the respective pages. You can also add your business’s physical location to let customers find you.

Contact Details Settings 

Allow your visitors to contact you via the phone number, email, and contact address. 

Contact Form Settings 

A contact form is another way for your visitors to contact you. You can add a contact form in this section.

Trip Page Template 

Travel Muni Pro offers multiple settings in the theme customizer to help you set up your trip page with a professional touch. The template comes with the following settings: 

CTA Settings along with Footer CTA 

Adding a CTA title, button, and link to your trip pages is an effortless way of generating leads. Plus, you can also enable footer CTA on that page. 

Related Trip Settings 

Give your visitors ample choices of related trips depending on the ones they are browsing at the moment. You can classify the trips based on destination, activities, and trip types. Also, you can set the number of related posts to display on the page.

Misc Trip Settings 

There are other trip-related settings as well, such as: 

  • Enabling GDPR trips.
  • Enable/Disable Sticky booking form.
  • Enable/Disable Sticky trip tabs.

Custom Header with Image

The theme lets you fully customize your header as you like. For example, you can enable a sticky header, header search, and add phone numbers and email. Moreover, you can upload a custom header image to make your website stand out. 

Custom Background 

Set a custom image or choose from 64 fabulous patterns for your website’s background. 

Toggle On/Off Mega Menu

You can turn on the mega menus for your website depending on the activities page template, destination page template, and trip types page template.

Social Media Integration 

Enabling social media links on your header is a good way of increasing your online reach. The theme lets you link your website to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social platforms. 

Social Sharing 

More often than not, visitors feel like sharing posts. With Travel Muni Pro, you can let them share your archives and single posts with a single click on the social sharing buttons. You can enable sharing over Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Reddit, and more.

Built-in SEO Settings 

Travel Muni Pro is SEO-friendly to give you a competitive advantage in SEO. In addition, it has in-built SEO settings such as Last Update Post Date and Breadcrumb to give your site a further edge. 

Post Excerpt 

Enable the post excerpt of up to 100 words to your posts. It gives a glimpse of what your post is about to your visitors. 

Enable/Disable Post Image Crop

You can enable automatic image cropping to make them even, or you can display the image without cropping. 

Related Posts 

Show your visitors more related posts so they can stick around a bit longer. Such a feature increases user retention on your website.

Comment Section 

Allowing your visitors and customers to leave comments on your posts is an excellent way of increasing user interaction on your website. There is also an option to show the comments after the post content. Your visitors can quickly share their views after reading your single posts.  

Show/Hide Author Section

You can toggle to show or hide the author section on your blogs. 

Advanced Post Control Options

Gain better control over your posts with the Advanced post control options of the theme. You can take the following actions for your posts: 

  • Show/Hide Category
  • Show/Hide Post Author
  • Show/Hide Post Date
  • Toggle on/off the featured image

Multiple Sidebar Settings 

There are ample settings in the Travel Muni Pro to adjust the sidebar. For example, you can add unlimited sidebars for the blog pages, single pages, single posts, and archive pages.

Lazy Loading 

The lazy loading feature improves your site’s performance by loading images of only the visible screen. The rest of the photos are loaded as visitors scroll the website.

Defer JavaScript

Want to improve the page download speed? Enabling the Defer JavaScript can help you with it. 

Other Performance Settings 

The theme has other settings to help you optimize your site for better performance. These features are:

  • Lazy loading of content images
  • Lazy loading of gravatar images
  • Remove ver parameters
  • Enable Combine for JS and CSS
  • Host Google Fonts Locally

We recommend enabling all these features to gain maximum performance optimization.

Image Lightbox 

Make your site more appealing by enabling the lightbox feature for images. Your images will fill the entire browsing screen when your viewers click on them. Also, this feature dims the rest of the viewers’ screen to set the whole focus on the image.

Sticky Widget

The sticky widget can be helpful if you want to fix any site elements on the post regardless of user scrolling. For example, you can set the sticky widget to your sidebar and add CTA buttons.

Drop Cap 

Drop Cap feature increases the size of the first letter in your content by almost as tall as two or three sentences combined. Such a feature catches users’ attention instantly and triggers them to continue reading. 

Built-in Google Analytics Settings

No need to add a separate plugin for Google Analytics. Paste your Google Analytics tracking code in the theme customizer and get crucial statistics related to your site.

Custom Menu Options 

Create as many menus as you need and arrange their locations.

4 Widget Areas 

The theme has four widget areas to add widgets and improve your site’s engagement. 

Footer Settings 

Gain complete control over your footer with Travel Muni Pro. For example, add a description, phone number, and email to your footer. 

Footer Copyright Editor 

You can add your copyright text and supported payments to your footer. 

WooCommerce Compatible 

With the seamless compatibility with WooCommerce, your site is ready to create an online shop on the go.

Easily Reset Customizer Settings

Worried that you made some error while customizing, and you now want to revert? The Customizer Reset feature lets you start over again with a few clicks.

Gutenberg Compatible

The seamless compatibility with the innovative Gutenberg editor helps you build your website quickly. You can insert blocks, arrange them how you like, and delete them with a few clicks.

Cross-Browser Compatible

Travel Muni Pro supports the latest version of all the major web browsers, so anyone can reach your website.

Easy Legibility 

The theme uses the perfect combination of font size, font space, and other optimized readability factors so your visitors can read your content without straining their eyes.

RTL Scripts Ready

Easily translate your content into Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and other languages that use RTL scripts.

Translation Ready

With the translation-ready feature, you can translate it into any language.


The theme practices the best SEO to put your site at the top results on search engines.


We have integrated into the theme so that your site has a competitive advantage in SEO.

WPML Compatible (Multi-language)

The theme has built-in WPML plugin compatibility that helps you target diverse communities with different languages. You can also optimize SEO on your site in multiple languages.

One-Click Update

Stay up-to-date with the latest theme feature releases with a single click. 

Custom CSS

You can add custom codes to override the default settings and mold the site to suit your needs. 

Extensive and Beginner-Friendly Documentation 

If you are a beginner, you can turn to our extensive documentation to understand the know-how of the theme. Don’t worry. It is completely beginner-friendly.

Regular Updates with Feature Enhancements

Our updates will keep your site up-to-date with the latest releases, feature enhancements, improved security, and WordPress versions. 

Top-notch Quick and Friendly Support

If you need help or have any queries regarding the theme, please contact our expert team using the support ticket. They will get back to you in no time.


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Travel Muni Pro Changelog

== Changelog ==

2.0.7 - September 19, 2023
* Fix: Deprecated dynamic property notice shown for PHP 8 users has been solved.
* Fix: Added compatibility in the theme with WP Travel Engine Settings > Show Featured Image in Image Gallery.
* Update: Added compatibility for Single Trips that are built with Elementor.
* Update: Google Fonts Library has been updated.

2.0.6 - June 12, 2023
* Fixed: Issue of trip review rating star not being displayed under trip title has been fixed.
* Fixed: Issue of title not being displayed above new trip tab content has been fixed.
* Fixed: In a single trip if the total number of seats is set to empty, the Sold Out label will not appear anymore.
* Fixed: Minor changes have been done to Advacned Itenary Builder icons in single trip page.

2.0.5 - March 03, 2023
* Fixed: Google search issue with unparsable structured data

2.0.4 - January 30, 2023
* Fixed: Warning seen during plugin installation through TGMPA for PHP 8
* Fixed: Frontpage sections\' trip duration unit made compatible with WP Travel Engine plugin settings

2.0.3 - January 12, 2023
* Fixed: Single trip duration display issue
* Fixed: Single trip facts compatibility issue with the WP Travel Engine plugin settings
* Fixed: Remove button missing from social media settings

2.0.2 - December 06, 2022
* Fixed: Design compatibility issue of trip listing page with WP Travel Engine plugin version 5.5.7

2.0.1 - November 28, 2022
* Fixed: Theme compatibility issue with the updated WP Travel Engine plugin
* Fixed: Container width increased throughout the theme

1.0.0 - 29th July, 2022
* Initial release

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