Travel Booking Pro

Travel Booking Pro is the travel companion you have been looking for! You can quickly create a travel booking website for your travel and tour company without writing a single line of code.

If you are a travel and tour operator, this modern and advanced premium travel booking WordPress theme will help you save time and money with its easy-to-use features. In just a few clicks, you can add trips, destinations, and trip types, feature travel activities, highlight your specialties, and allow visitors to book the trips online.

You can also seamlessly add features like Fixed Trip Starting Dates, Trip Reviews, Group Discount, advanced Trip Search, and multiple payment gateways with premium add-ons. The intuitive and stunning design combined with useful features required by a travel company will help you increase your bookings and sales.

On top of all these features, Travel Booking Pro WordPress theme is speed optimized, SEO ready with schema-friendly code, and displays flawlessly on every screen size.

Travel Booking Pro WordPress Theme Is For You If:
  • You want to build a complete travel website without writing a single line of code.
  • You are using WordPress to build your travel and tour company’s travel booking website.
  • You are looking for a premium web template to display the travel services (destination, trips, activities, adventures, etc.) on your website.
  • You run a travel or tourism company or agency and want to show your visitors why you are the best.
  • You want a travel website that displays travel destinations, tour packages, the complete itinerary of a trip, the activities one can do in those locations, the cost of the trips, and other details.
  • You want a clean, responsive, SEO-friendly, and speed optimized website.
  • You are new to web development and want to create a website easily without dealing with the technical aspects.
  • You need fast and reliable support when you face issues.
  • You are looking for a great design on the front-end and easy to use content management system on the back-end.
  • Your client wants a beautiful and easy-to-use website fast for their travel company or agency.
  • You want free demo content that can be imported with a click.

Features of Travel Booking Pro WordPress Theme

One Click Demo Content Import

We have got everything ready for you. So, kickstart your website with ready-made content and settings so that you don’t have to spend hours making your website from scratch!

You can import all the images, text, and settings from the live demo of Travel Booking Pro theme with a click for free because we believe you should spend more time on your venture than on setting up your website.

Responsive Design / Mobile-friendly

More than 50% Google searches are done on mobile devices. Travel Booking Pro is a fully responsive mobile friendly WordPress theme. The theme automatically adjusts itself to screen sizes of various mobile devices and tablets so that your website looks flawless on every device and offers smooth user experience. You can reach a wide range of customers with the fully responsive design.

Travel Booking Pro WordPress theme passes Google mobile-friendly test. This means better rankings in search results.

5 Predefined Header Layouts

With 5 Header Layouts Option on Travel Booking Pro, you can customize and create a unique website with a simple click.

Powerful Travel Engine

Travel Booking Pro is fully compatible with our WP Travel Engine plugin, which is a travel booking WordPress plugin. WP Travel Engine is a powerful plugin that allows you to easily create custom trips with detailed itinerary and FAQs. You can create trips to multiple destinations and add multiple activities to the trip. The theme also allows your visitors to book the trip that they like right away.

Advance Trip Search

Travel Booking Pro theme is compatible with Advance Trip Search extension, which allows your customers to easily search trips based on destination, duration, price and activities.

Trip Fixed Starting Dates

It is compatible with Trip Fixed Starting Dates extension, which allows travel agencies to show trip fixed starting dates and number of seats available for booking.

Trip Review

The theme is compatible with Trip Review extension, which allows users to add reviews on a trip. This helps to increase social proof and increase in sales.

Group Discount

Travel Booking Pro theme is compatible with Group Discount extension, which allows travel companies to provide group discount to their customers.

3 Banner Layouts (Video/Image/Slider)

You can display Video, Image, or Slider on the banner section of the Travel Booking Pro theme. For video, you can upload it to your website or embed it from Youtube. For the image, you can add a single image or randomize multiple images. You can also add a newsletter in this section. For Slider, you can use Post, Category, or Custom Fields and adjust the speed and animation.

Home Page Section Re-order/Sorting

Sort the order of the sections on the Homepage as you wish by drag and drop and customize your website as per your need.

One Page Features

You can create a one-page travel website with Travel Booking Pro with its One-page menu option.

4 Custom Page Templates

Travel Booking Pro comes with 4 pre-built custom pages including about page, contact page, team page, and testimonials page. These pages will make your website truly unique and organized.

SEO Optimized

Search engines will fall in love with your travel and tour package website.

We have put our expert SEO team’s knowledge and expertise into the development of the theme in such a way that search engines can easily find your website and rank it above your competitors on search results page. The theme will give you an edge to help you outrank your competitors.

Speed Optimized

You risk losing your potential customer if you have a slow and laggy website because people don’t like waiting, especially when there are other options available i.e. your competitors.

Travel Booking Pro WordPress theme is a speed optimized WordPress theme, which means your website will load faster and your visitors will have a smooth browsing experience. The theme, with its speed, will help you keep your customers and get new leads easily.

Footer Background Image

Travel Booking Pro allows you to easily change the color or the background image of the footer to give it a most pleasing look.

Floating/Sticky Menu

Let the Menu follow the user as they scroll down the page. The floating menu makes a more efficient user experience as a user no longer has to scroll all the way back to choose an item on the menu.

Back to top button

Good user experience is the best way to hold on to your website visitors and convert it to the potential customers. Our Back to Top button will up your website’s user experience with easy navigation.

Multilingual Switch Menu

Let your website visitors easily switch the language of your website into the one they feel the most comfortable with a simple multilingual switch menu.

Unlimited Colors

With the ability to choose any color and customize the color scheme as per your choice, you can easily change the look and feel of your website to suit your brand.

600+ Google Fonts

With the included Google Fonts, you can choose from over 600 fonts for your site and customize the looks as you desire.

Advanced Typography

Take your visual appearance to the next level by choosing from a huge collection of included fonts. Mix and match your font color, size, and style to find the perfect look for your brand. You can easily Change the body and Header 1, Header 2, Header 3, Header 4, Header 5, and Header 6 Typography.

Polylang Compatible (Multi-language)

Easily translate your site into various languages and create a multilingual site as the theme is compatible with Polylang WordPress plugin.

WPML Compatible (Multi-language)

The theme is WPML Plugin compatible. So you can translate your site into multiple languages and easily create a multi-language website.

Social Media Integration

Travel Booking Pro allows you to display your social media links on your website so that your visitors can find you on social media. Social media on your website will also help you boost your business’ engagement. The theme also supports Russian and Chinese social media like OK, VK, Zing, and others. You can add unlimited social media on your website.

Powerful Option Panel

Travel Booking Pro features a powerful options panel that allows you to easily customize and configure your themes.

Footer Copyrights Editor

You can easily edit, add or remove any section from your Footer on Travel Booking Pro.

Unlimited Background

Choose from unlimited backgrounds including colors, patterns, and even upload your own background to truly customize your website according to your brand.

Custom widgets

With custom-made widgets, you can easily customize your website, use it to promote yourself or your posts, and improve the user experience.

Unlimited Sidebar

Choose from any number of sidebars and populate theme with widgets to add tons of features to your site with a few clicks.

Attractive Blog Layout

Blogs are a great way to attract new website visitors and built trust. Travel Booking Pro has beautifully designed blog layout for your blog posts.

Cross Browser compatible

Travel Booking Pro is cross-browser compatible so that all of its features work in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Highlight Author Comment

Highlight Author Comment displays comments made by a post’s author in a distinctive style so that it gets the attention. It is useful in the post where the users will be specifically looking for the author’s responses.

Author Box

Manage your contributors and let your visitors follow their favorite writer with beautifully designed author box. The theme lets you add a picture and biography of your Post author which helps to introduce and give recognition to your writers on your website.

Different Pagination Types

Choose from various different types of pagination style befitting your requirements to help visitors with an easy navigation on your site.

RTL Support

Travel Booking Pro supports Right to Left scripts so that various types of languages will be displayed properly on your website.

Translation ready

Simply add a translation file and your site will be translated into your preferred languages with the Travel Booking Pro translation ready feature.

WooCommerce Ready (Online Shop)

Travel Booking Pro is WooCommerce Plugin ready. So you have got everything you need to start a powerful online store and manage it like a boss.


Help search engines and ease navigation for an ultimate user experience on your website with the help of breadcrumbs included in Travel Booking Pro.

Optimized for Readability

The text and design of the Travel Booking Pro are optimized for readability with structured sizing, great contrast, and ample spacing.

Clean Commented Code

Travel Booking Pro utilizes only the best practices for code implementation, which improves performance, security, and makes it very easy for you to customize if needed.

Built-in Live Customizer

The theme comes with built-in Live Customizer. Configure the entire website with an instant live preview.

Extensive Documentation

We have included extensive documentation to help you understand how to use Travel Booking Pro and customize it as you desire.

Quick and Friendly Support

Got more questions or ideas? Feel free to contact us through our support forum. We are here to help you and answer your questions.


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Travel Booking Pro Changelog

== Changelog == 

2.3.4 - February 23, 2023
* Fix: Issue of popular trips not being displayed in the 404 page.
* Update: Google Fonts Library

2.3.3 - January 20, 2023
* Fix: Trip date warning issue in trip page.
* Fix: Trip duration in trip page.
* Fix: Trip tabs overflow issue.

2.3.2 - December 14, 2022
* Fixes: Single trip sidebar issue is fixed.

2.3.1 - December 07, 2022
* Update: Made design compatible for WP Travel Engine plugin version 5.5.7.

2.3.0 - September 21, 2022
* Update: Minor bug fixes.    

2.2.9 - September 14, 2022

    * Update: Made compatible with latest WP Travel Engine plugin. 

    * Fix: TGMPA warning issue in PHP 8 is fixed.

2.2.7 - August 23, 2022

    * Fixed Starting Date plugin compatibility issue is fixed.

    * Added dynamic typograpjhy for trip page.

    * Updated google fonts library for latest fonts.

    2.2.6 - October 26, 2021

    * Fixed phone number display issue in header

    * Fixed theme update transient issue for php 8

    * Fixed escaping issue

    * Fixed lazy load issue

    * Updated google fonts

    * Made design compatible for WP Travel Engine plugin

    2.2.5 - July 30, 2021

    * Made design compatible for WP Travel Engine plugin

    2.2.4 - July 22, 2021

    * Fixed theme updater issue for php 8

    * Added contact num and social link in mobile header

    * Updated google fonts

    * Removed widget block editor for WordPress 5.8

    2.2.3 - June 03, 2021

    * Fixed mobile menu issue on windows resize and load

    * Fixed dynamic color issue

    * Made design compatible for WP Travel Engine plugin

    * Made design compatible for Trip Fixed Departure Dates plugin

    * Made design compatible for Advance Itinerary Builder plugin

    2.2.2 - March 23, 2021

    * Fixed jQuery deprecated warnings

    * Fixed trip pricing issue

    2.2.1 - December 23, 2020

    * Updated Repeater Custom Control Font Loading with Ajax

    * Fixed wp_debug error

    2.2.0 - November 24, 2020

    * Added h1-h6 tag color options

    * Updated theme updater

    2.1.9 - September 03, 2020

    * Fixed range slider custom control issue

    * Fixed repeater social link issue

    * Changed handler name

    2.1.8 - August 14, 2020

    * Fixed pinterest share issue

    * Fixed fixed dates issue

    * Fixed js errror in customizer

    * Fixed one page menu multi language issue

    * Added group discount checks

    * Added download id

    * Removed unused custom control

    2.1.7 - June 17, 2020

    * Fixed woocommerce product category issue

    * Made fsd compatible with 4.0

    * Fixed schema issue

    2.1.6 - May 21, 2020

    * Fixed h2 fontsize issue in customizer

    * Fixed spelling mistake of posts_per_page in testimonial template

    2.1.5 - April 20, 2020

    * Fixed responsive design issue on homepage deals and discount section

    * Fixed booking form selectbox design

    * Fixed empty div issue in related trip

    * Fixed infinite scrolling in trip archive page

    * Added feature to select excerpt or full content in archive page

    * Changed google analytics custom control

    * Modified theme updater

    2.1.4 - April 02, 2020

    * Fixed calender widget design for WordPress version 5.4.

    * Search page, menu accessibility and other design adjustments.

    * Changed old reset with new reset section.

    * Added feature to disable auto cropping of image in single and blog posts.

    * Added google analytics code.

    * Added google font locally.

    * Added option for iframe in contact page template.

    * Added lightbox option.

    * Added multiple phone in header.

    * Added viber as social allowed protocol.

    2.1.3 - January 17, 2020

    * Responsive Design issue fixed.

    2.1.2 - January 16, 2020

    * Printf removed from the tag.

    * Design fixes.

    2.1.1 - January 15, 2020

    * Fixed not redirecting to Travelers Information page from Checkout page.

    * Fixed design issue for WP Travel Engine 3.0.0.

    2.1.0 - January 14, 2020

    * Made design compatible for WP Travel Engine 3.0.0

    2.0.9 - January 03, 2020

    * Update preg replace for telephone to add + sign

    * Fixed spacing issues in Trip Cards

    * Fixed twitter share issue

    * Fixed comment form css issue

    * Addons fetch transient set for 2 weeks

    * Added field of comments as required

    2.0.8 - December 13, 2019

    * Getting Started Page Implemented.

    * Navigation Menu drop down caret issue fix in mobile devices.

    * Schema added for the Google structure data.

    2.0.7 - December 05, 2019

    * Fixed checkout page responsive design issue.

    * Trip Search, Review add-on design compatible.

    * Fixed container problem.

    * Table made responsive.

    * One Page Layout preview link updated.

    * Additional Social Share added.

    * Thank you page styled.

    2.0.6 - October 25, 2019

    * Extra services addon compatible.

    * Design issue fixed.

    2.0.5 - September 12, 2019

    * Added wp_reset_postdata() in single related trips.

    2.0.4 - May 27, 2019

    * Updated footer author link to nofollow.

    * Made compatible with currency converter plugin.

    * Made compatible with jetpack lazy load feature.

    * Updated breadcrumb schema.

    * Some css tweaks.

    2.0.3 - March 14, 2019

    * WooCommerce CSS updated.

    2.0.2 - February 1, 2019

    * Update fontawesome to version 5.6.3.

    * Fixed some minor issue and code upadate.

    * Some css tweaks.

    * Added support for travel booking toolkit version 1.0.4.

    2.0.1 - August 16, 2018

    * Some css tweaks.

    * Added header five layout.

    * Added Theme URI.


    * Initial release