WP Travel Engine Product Update – August 2023

Welcome to the August edition of our monthly product update for WP Travel Engine! 

As always, we are happy to bring you the latest developments of our plugin. 

In this edition, we will highlight the significant changes, updates, and improvements over the past month.

With these enhancements, we aim to optimize your travel booking website and offer useful information.

Let’s dive right in!

New add-on release: Email Customizer  

Email Customizer addon

Last month, we released a new add-on, Email Customizer

You can design customizable and personalized email templates for booking and payment notifications using this add-on. 

The benefits this add-on offers are: 

  • Change the colors, fonts, and email layout to match your brand’s identity.
  • Use dynamic placeholders like customer names and booking details.
  • Get a live preview of the email template. 
  • Update all default email templates with a single click. 

Improvements in the Elementor Widgets plugin

Enhancement in WP Travel Engine – Elementor Widgets Plugin

Likewise, we also made notable enhancements to our Elementor Widgets plugin last month. 

Here are the new widgets you’ll have access to:

  1. Trip Breadcrumbs
  2. Trip FAQs
  3. Trip Itinerary
  4. Trip Title
  5. Trip Ratings
  6. Trip Reviews
  7. Trip Enquiry
  8. Trip Fixed Starting Date
  9. Trip Related Trips
  10. Trip Highlights
  11. Trip Map
  12. Trip Carousel
  13. Trip Overview
  14. Trip Cost Excludes
  15. Trip Cost Includes
  16. Trip Facts
  17. Trip Review Form
  18. Trip Duration
  19. Trip Booking

With this plugin, you can now create and edit single trip pages with a drag-and-drop interface.

Furthermore, we’ve added a new layout feature to display taxonomies such as Activities, Destinations, and Trip Types in a sliding layout.

Here are the key benefits behind this enhancement: 

  • Interactive Display: Instead of a fixed list, these categories now offer a dynamic slider for a more interactive view.
  • Clean Layout: With the slider, the display remains orderly, ensuring you have a clear view of all options. 

Click on the link to learn more about our two major updates: New Email Customizer Add-on and Single Trip Page Edit by Elementor 

Fixed Export Bookings issue

Addressing your feedback, we’ve fixed an issue with the Export Booking option. 

We’ve ensured it’s only displayed within the booking post type to reduce confusion. 

What are we building in September?

We’re continuing to advance with new Gutenberg blocks for single trip pages. With this, you can move, customize, and organize blocks on your single trip pages, achieving a refined design without technical difficulty. 

At the same time, we’re dedicated to improving our plugin by addressing other issues and making necessary improvements. 

We believe these enhancements will benefit your travel business. Stay tuned for more! 


We’re dedicated to enhancing the WP Travel Engine Plugin’s capabilities. Our goal is to make it beneficial and comprehensive for our users.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. What extra features do you want to see in our plugin? 

We’re all ears and excited to make our plugin work best for you!

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