Analytics Dashboard is Now Available in WP Travel Engine v5.7

At WP Travel Engine, one of our core goals is to equip travel business owners with vital insights that empower informed decision-making.

With this in mind, we are thrilled to share that we have reached another milestone with the release of WP Travel Engine version 5.7.

This latest update is significant as we’ve incorporated a much-anticipated feature – the Analytics Dashboard.

What is Analytics Dashboard?

The Analytics Dashboard offers a comprehensive view of your travel business’s performance. It is your central command station where you can examine essential performance indicators. 

These range from direct metrics, like total bookings and payment received, to indirect ones, such as the popularity of different trips. This detailed visibility into your business equips you with the necessary insights to navigate your strategic decisions toward achieving your business goals.

It provides a comprehensive view of data across three crucial categories:

  • Overview
  • Trips
  • Customers.

These categories give a broad yet detailed picture of your business operations.

Benefits of Analytics Dashboard: 

1. Informed Decision-Making: With specific insights on booking, customer, and trip success, you can make informed, data-driven business choices more quickly.

2. Performance Tracking: It helps in tracking the performance of individual trips, giving you an understanding of which trips are doing well.

3. Customer Insights: The dashboard offers insights on customer behavior, enabling you to strategize customer engagement better.

How to use this feature?

If you’ve already installed the WP Travel Engine plugin, all you need to do to start benefiting from the Analytics Dashboard is update your plugin. 

As previously touched upon, the Analytics Dashboard is primarily divided into three major sections. Now, let’s delve into the specifics of each, exploring the wealth of data and insights they offer:

1. Overview Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard- Overview

This dashboard displays various critical data within a specific period, which you can adjust to suit your needs from the top right-hand corner of your screen. This flexibility allows you to access the data that matters most to you when it matters. 

The Overview Dashboard includes statistics such as:

Overview Dashboard includes statistics
  • No. of Bookings: See how many bookings you’ve secured over your chosen time period.
  • Booking Value: Total sales from the most popular trip in the selected date range. 
  • Payment Received: Keep track of the total payments received.
  • New Customers: Get insight into how many new customers you’ve attracted.
  • Average Order Value (AOV): Track the average spend per customer to assess your pricing strategy.
  • Total Refunds: Keep on top of refunds to understand your customers’ satisfaction.

Moreover, the “Overview Dashboard” enhances your understanding of crucial insights through interactive charts and graphs. These visual elements transform the key statistics into an easily digestible format, simplifying data interpretation and analysis.

Overview Dashboard statistics graph

2. Trips

Diving into the ‘Trips’ section, it’s packed with valuable details about your travel packages. Here, the insightful data you can access include:

  • Best Seller: Displays the trip with the highest bookings, highlighting your top offerings. 
  • Top Performer: Reveals the highest revenue-generating trip, indicating your most profitable packages.

Trips - Best sellers features
  • Most Popular Trips: Lists the best-selling trips, including trip name, price, sales count, and payments received.

3. Customers

Finally, who are your customers? This area provides crucial insights into your customers, including:

Analytics Dashboard- Customers
  • Total Customers: Understand your overall customer base size.
  • New Customers: Total number of customers that have made a booking in the chosen time period. 
  • Most Valued Customers: Identify customers who regularly book your trips or spend a significant amount.

Important Note: Each section of our Analytics Dashboard (Overview, Trips, Customers) uses a custom time frame. You can adjust the timeframe from the top right corner of your screen to view the information most relevant to you.

Analytics Dashboard – Time Frame feature

WP Travel Engine Booking Summary 

The “WP Travel Engine Booking Summary” is a tool that gives you a clear and detailed view of your booking-related data in a simplified format. This feature is designed to make crucial information readily available and accessible. 

WTE Booking Summary

Here’s a simplified explanation of the various features you’ll find under the WP Travel Engine Booking Summary:

  • Current Month –This gives you all the booking information specific to the current month. You can see the booking value, the payment received, and the number of bookings made during this time frame.
  • Today – This feature focuses on the happenings of the current day. You’ll get details such as the booking value, the payment received, and the number of bookings made just for today.
  • Last Month – This gives you a look back at the previous month. It shows you the booking value, the payment received, and the number of bookings made.
  • All Time – A great feature for a big picture view, this option compiles all the booking information since you started using WP Travel Engine. For example, you will see the total booking value, the payment received, and the total number of bookings made up to the current date.
  • New Customers – This is where you track your customer base’s growth. You’ll see the number of new customers you gained this month, this year, and compared to the same month of the previous year.
  • Recent Bookings – Stay up-to-date with this feature that lists the names of recent customers, the package they booked, and the date when they booked it.

This system aims to make the process of monitoring your booking activity a lot easier, ensuring you’re always up-to-speed with your business’s progress.

Organizes Plugin Admin Menu Items

In addition to releasing a new version of the WP Travel Engine Plugin, our team has also made changes to version 5.7 to make it easier for you to use. The way our admin menu items are set up makes work run better and gets rid of menu confusion.

With this improvement, related functions are smartly grouped together. This makes it easier to move around and get to the settings and options you need. 

Organizes Plugin Admin Menu Items

We are committed to improving and expanding the features of the Analytics Dashboard. We believe in making it as useful and comprehensive as possible for you. 

To that end, we invite you to share your suggestions and feedback with us. What else would you like to see added to the Analytics Dashboard? We’re all ears and excited to make this feature work best for you!

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