New Feature Update: WP Travel Engine v5.7.1 

At WP Travel Engine, we are dedicated to providing travel business owners with essential tools and features to enhance their travel operations. 

As a part of our ongoing efforts, we are excited to announce the latest release of WP Travel Engine v5.7.1, packed with new features and enhancements.

Let’s explore the changes that we have made in WP Travel Engine v5.7.1. 

1.  Display trips according to conditions 

Our Trip Fixed Starting Dates add-on has received an update to its conditional trip visibility feature. With this update, users can choose from two options to set conditional trip visibility based on dates availability. 

Hide trips without fixed starting dates

Hide trips without fixed starting dates

You can enable the option to hide trips that do not have specified starting dates. It ensures that only trips with confirmed dates will be displayed on the archive pages. 

By doing so, you can eliminate any confusion caused to potential customers who are looking for trips with specific starting dates. 

Hide trips without available dates beyond a specific number of days 

Hide trips without fixed starting dates beyond spefici days

With this option, you have even more flexibility in controlling the visibility of trips. By enabling this feature, you can set a specific number of days as a threshold. Trips that do not have available dates beyond this threshold will be hidden from the archive pages.

For example, if you set the threshold to 3 days, any trips without available dates within the next 3 days will be automatically hidden. This feature lets you showcase only the trips that have near-future availability, ensuring that customers can easily find and book trips that suit their preferred time frame.

2. Add custom enquiry form

We’ve updated the WP Travel Engine plugin to better integrate with popular third-party form plugins like WPForms, Gravity Forms, and Ninja Forms.

This enhanced compatibility, particularly with the custom enquiry form, streamlines your inquiry handling, making it easier and faster on the WP Travel Engine platform.

How to enable it: 

  • Go to the Admin Dashboard.
  • Click on WP Travel Engine >> Settings >> Emails >> Enquiry Emails.
  • Find and enable the Custom Enquiry Form.
  • Notice the ‘Form Shortcode‘ field that appears.
  • Enter the shortcode for either WPForms, Gravity Forms, or Ninja Forms.
  • After adding the shortcode, the default Enquiry Form will be hidden.
custom enquiry form

3. Custom icon for Trip Search Elementor widget

Custom icon for Trip Search Elementor widget

You now have the option to customize the taxonomy icons in the Trip Search widget of the WP Travel Engine – Elementor addon.

Whether you prefer uploading your own SVG icons or selecting from the Font Awesome library, our Trip Search Widget offers amazing customization options to match your website’s look and feel.

4. Add multiple admin email recipients for enquiry notifications

Add multiple admin email recipients for enquiry notifications

In the previous version, there was only the option to add a single admin email recipient who would receive notifications whenever an enquiry was made.

However, with the latest update, you can now include multiple admin email recipients, expanding the reach of enquiry notifications within your team.

5. WebP format image support for performance

The WP Travel Engine v5.7.1 now supports the WebP image format, offering better compression and quality for your site’s images. It also helps to load images faster. 

6. Improved text editing options for trip package description

Improved text editing options for trip package

With the new update, we have added essential text editor options such as bold and italic, to the Trip Package description. 

This improved text editing feature will help you make your trip package descriptions more engaging and eye-catching. 

7. Fixed set-cookie header issue

We have resolved an issue related to the set-cookie header in each response header.

This bug was causing issues with page caching and hindering the optimal performance of the website.

8. Default payment gateway is now automatically selected

We have resolved an issue related to the default payment gateway selection during the checkout process in the WP Travel Engine plugin.


We are committed to improving and expanding the features of the WP Travel Engine Plugin. We believe in making it as useful and comprehensive as possible for you. 

To that end, we invite you to share your suggestions and feedback with us. What else would you like to see added to the WP Travel Engine plugin? We’re all ears and excited to make this feature work best for you!

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