10 Best Travel Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

For the individuals who love to travel, being confined within the house is not the best experience. The nostalgia of heading out, meeting new people, living the adventures and creating memories hits hard. 

Though distressing, it actually feels like an incredible opportunity to download a couple of podcasts — live the adventures of other avid travelers and plan your next big trip.

A good travel podcast stirs up your craving for something new while giving you truthful information simultaneously. 

So without wasting your valuable time, here are the 10 best travel podcasts you should listen to if you want to plan your next big trip. 

1. The Travel Diaries

the Travel Diaries Travel Podcast

The Travel Diaries is another weekly travel podcast hosted by entertainment and travel journalist Holly Rubenstein. Holly inquires special guests about their adventures around the world and presents her users with the travel experiences and destinations that have shaped their lives.

Prepare yourself for the exquisite ride as Holly and her diverse range of guests take you on a journey through the seven chapters of their life’s travel diaries. You can learn about their earliest childhood travel memory and their all-time favorite destination, as well as what’s at the top of their bucket list.

There are 70 episodes in the podcast to date with the latest episode airing on 30 November 2021. 

Where to Start: You can get started with the interview with Jessica Nabongo, the first black woman to visit every country in the world. Jessica, who is an influencer, photographer and businesswoman, traveled to 89 of those countries solo. Learn more about her to get inspired. 

2. The Thought Card

The Thought Card Podcast

Hosted by Danielle Desir, this podcast centers on traveling around the world, taking care of the debt, and building wealth. Danielle gives her crowd the certainty to settle on brilliant financial choices that will permit them to achieve both their travel goals and financial objectives.

This podcast has a pretty good website where you can find necessary information about the host. Furthermore, you can also directly ask questions or get in touch with her through newsletters. She is also available on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

Where to Start: Give the episode with Nadeen white a listen, she is an award-winning travel and lifestyle blogger, Amazon best-selling author and pediatrician.

3. Jump

JUMP Podcast

Jump is your invitation to experience. Through a blend of visitor stories, solo scenes, raw and personal accounts, the host Jackie Nourse (Traveling Jackie) explores travel, experience, and way of life in ways intended to motivate you to move and see the world.

Jackie’s podcasts have a particular spotlight outside of what might be expected travel and feature insider tips, and the hidden gems of travel across a few continents. 

Those with travel-related inquiries likewise have a chance to draw in, as her ordinary ‘ask Jackie’ meetings plan offers inside and out responses to her online local community.

  • Host: Jackie Nourse
  • Topic: Travel Podcast
  • Website: Jump
  • Listen on: iTunes, Spotify, Google play

Where to Start: Don’t forget to watch the episode with the Bensons, a family of five who sold all their belongings just to travel the world. They talk about how travel has impacted their life.

4. Ticket 2 Anywhere

This podcast is hosted by Trizzy and Leah, two female explorers who love to get out as frequently as possible. Their digital recording is overflowing with tips, counsel, and tales to help you make the most on your travels. With that, you can make every second count, utilize all your excursion days, and take advantage of your ends of the week!

Ticket 2 Anywhere podcast is the travel podcast you need to tune in to get a kick to simply book your ticket and go on that outing!

This podcast has a beautiful website where you will get to know more about the hosts. Moreover, you can also follow them on different social media platforms where you will be updated daily about their works.

  • Host: Leah and Trizzy
  • Topic: Travel Podcast
  • Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, Anchor 

Where to Start: To begin, jump into their first episode where you get to know them from the very beginning. They talk about the places they have been to and how to travel. 

5. Zero to Travel

Zero to Travel Podcasts

With more than 15 years of exploring the far corners of the world, Jason Moore shares his enthusiasm for travels in his weekly hour-long podcast. 

Tune in to his podcast as he talks with individual wayfarers on their epic excursions, from strolling across America to visually weakened cyclists leaving on a 16,000-mile journey from Argentina to Alaska. 

You also get a unique website where you can get information about the host and get to know him more. Besides, you can also follow the host on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Other weekly posts include travel well-being, how to plan your budget while traveling and how to look for employment when you are out on the road.

Where to Start: Start with the joys of solo traveling with Manjinder Kang where he talks about solo traveling and how to manage your budget while traveling solo. Moreover, he also talks about how to struggle with loneliness. 

6. Extra Pack Of Peanuts

Extra Pack of Peanuts podcast

This is an excellent podcast for voyagers who need to remain on a tight budget plan while traveling. Travis and Heather, who host the show, interview migrants, bloggers, and business people who give knowledge and firsthand tips on the most proficient method to set out on your own experiences.

This podcast has a beautiful website where you can find information about the authors. Furthermore, you can also connect through different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Likewise, you can read their blogs for more information about the world.

Where to Start: Listen to “7 lessons learned” by Travis and Heather where they share what they have gained from carrying on living an autonomous life for a very long time.

7. The Globetrotter Lounge 

The Globetrotter Lounge podcast

This podcast is hosted by Jet Set Lisette, an award-winning travel master and host. Lisette interviews stunning and rousing ladies who have discovered imaginative approaches to travel the far corners of the world.

With an interesting website, you can find all the previous episodes and enjoy listening to ladies and inspire yourself more. Furthermore, you can know more about the host on the website. Likewise, you can connect with the hosts by following them on social media platforms.

Where to Start:  Make certain to look at the episode with Jess Sanchez, who shares her encounters venturing to the different corners of the world with her family. Jess and her husband chose to leave their work to set out on the existence of travel with their two small kids and have chronicled their life through their blog, YouTube channel, and digital recording.

8. As Told by Nomads

As Told By Nomads podcast

Host Tayo Rockson highlights amazing stories from people who are migrants and business people, with attention on pioneers in business, culture, travel, and worldwide undertakings.

It features interviews with changemakers, worldwide wanderers, and business people talking about the stuff to be better worldwide pioneers.

The website includes an archive of all the episodes to date. Besides, you can also follow them on different social media platforms as well.

Where to Start: Look at the podcast with Zahra Rasool, who talks about authenticity, diversity and collective journalism in storytelling.

9. Chronicles Abroad

Hosts Nubia Younge and Frantzce Lys feature their encounters living abroad just like those of other people who faced challenges to living their fantasy to be location independent.

With a unique website, you can also join their network and get inspired. Furthermore, you can also join them on social media to get to know them more.

Where to Start: Try not to miss the episode where Nubia and Frantzces get candid about podcasting. They share 5 specific reasons why their podcast hasn’t been as consistent as it used to be. The two podcasters share their thoughts about juggling quite a few different businesses.

10. Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Podcast

Scottish traveler Alice Morrison lives in a town in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains and her fortnightly podcast gives an understanding into day-by-day life there when she’s at home. 

The older episodes of the podcast cover her Sahara endeavor when she traveled 2,000kms with camels. Moreover, the recent episodes cover her Atlas Expedition when she took camels 1,400kms across the Atlas Mountains. 

The website is an archive of the podcasts so if you want to walk with Alice along with her journey, listen to her and get inspired.

Where to Start: Start off with episode 26 of season 1 where Alice and company seem to be crossing the Plains of Mordor. One of their camels is sore-footed, leading to a very ingenious solution. They were also invited to a lovely meal with an Arab family, and in the next few days, they will enter the area where Alice has declared a bounty of goats for dinosaur tracks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a good travel podcast to listen to while driving?

Above mentioned podcasts are all good if you want to get out of your comfort zone. But if you want to hear intriguing stories of travelers, then you should listen to “As Told by Nomads” by the host Tayo Rockson.

Is listening to podcasts as beneficial for you as reading books?

Listening to podcasts can be as beneficial as reading books for your personal development. Audiobooks and podcasts both are great ways to acquire knowledge about different topics. You just need to set a perfect time and find a proper medium to explore more about the places and things you are curious about. 

Which is the Best Travel Podcast for You?

While choosing the best travel podcast, you should first evaluate what kind of podcast you want to listen to. All of the 10 travel podcasts mentioned in this article serve different purposes. 

For instance, if you want a travel podcast that helps you achieve your financial objectives as well as fulfill your travel dream, then The Thought Card is the right option for you.

Likewise, choose Jump, Women on the Road, and As Told by Nomads to hear stories and get motivated to travel outside of your comfort zone.

Furthermore, choose Zero to Travel, Extra pack of peanuts, The Globetrotter Lounge, Chronicles Abroad and Alice in Wonderland if you want experienced travelers to tip you on how to travel on a tight budget.

At last, pick the best travel podcasts that suit your needs.


Travel podcasts can be the best way to listen to the stories and experiences of different travel enthusiasts out there. You can learn so much about their ways of traveling, the things they experienced during their adventure, and how to make stories out of your adventures. 

All of the 10 travel podcasts mentioned in this write-up are best for you to learn so much about traveling and adventure. Check each of them out and plan your next adventure accordingly. 

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