Top Female Travel Bloggers You Should Be Following in 2022

If you love to travel, having to stay home might be pretty challenging. 

The wistfulness of traversing new destinations, exploring unique cultures, meeting new individuals, and making memories can be absolute torture.

However, reading a well-put-together travel blog can, at times, help ease your craving.

In recent years, the trend of female travel bloggers has been on the rise.

There are thousands of travel bloggers from all over the world sharing adventure stories, travel hacks, budget travel tips, detailed itineraries, and many more. 

Not all are worthy of your following. But, a few female travel blogs can literally influence you to ‘get out and travel.’

This article will talk about 10 of the best female travel bloggers you must follow in 2022.

Let’s get into it!

#1  Kristin Addis From Be My Travel Muse  

Kristin Addis - Be My Travel Muse

Kristin Addis is one of the most popular solo female travelers with over 5 million annual readers.

She started her journey as a solo female blogger in 2012 after quitting her job and booking a one-way flight to Bangkok. Since then, she has traveled to more than 50 countries on six different continents across the globe.

She shares just about everything related to travel in the blog β€” from having unique adventures to saving money while traveling. Besides, Kristin is also an incredible travel photographer and video content creator who consistently posts on her YouTube channel. 

Follow her across different social networks if you want to stay connected and get inspired by the tales of adventures. You can also subscribe to her email to receive notifications about her daily blogs and travel content.

Host: Kristin Addis

Topic: Solo Female Traveler

Blog: Be My Travel Muse

Where to Start: You can get started with her blog “How to Say I Love You in Different Languages.” In this article, Kristin talks about how you can say “I Love You” in 100 different languages.

#2 Melissa Giroux From A Broken Backpack

Melissa Giroux - A Broken Backpack

Born and raised in Quebec, Canada, Melissa left her job as a social worker and became a full-time travel blogger at 25.

She started her journey hitchhiking in the Canadian Rockies for a half year. After that, she moved to Australia for two years. 

Mel started A Broken Backpack in July 2015 while she was still working on a farm in Australia. However, her blog quickly became popular across many nations. 

Since then, she has traveled across six continents. She shares her story consistently on her travel blog to show what it resembles for ladies to travel solo. 

Her blog offers excellent travel tips to make your travel dream come true. Her definitive objective is to show ladies that autonomous and solo travel can be cheap, simple, and loads of fun.

Host: Melissa Giroux 

Topic: Female Travel Blog

Blog: A Broken Backpack

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#3 Kiersten Rich From The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten Rich - The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten Rich is the prime example of “passion meet profession.”

After graduating with distinction, Kiersten started her career in corporate wealth management in Los Angeles. 

However, the California native quit her high-paying job and went on a four-month trip across Australia, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand.

From that point forward, she has traveled to more than 70 countries and has written nearly 1,500 articles to share her passion for travel.

You can follow her across different social media platforms and keep yourself regularly updated on her journey. Besides, she also works with leading brands and sponsors from all over the world.

Host: Kiersten Rich

Topic: Female Travel Blog

Blog: The Blonde Abroad

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#4 Stephanie Be From Travel Break

Stephanie Be - Travel Break

Stephanie Be is a California native with a profound passion for travel, people, and entrepreneurship. 

Like most people, Stephanie always made her corporate career her #1 priority. However, things took a different turn when she bought a one-way ticket to Sydney to live the expat life.

Since then, she has traveled to more than 250 destinations in over 40 countries β€” living as an expat and remote working as a digital nomad. 

Along with her award-winning travel blog, Travel Break, she is also running two high-growth businesses in the travel industry.

She is an incredibly skilled author and travel content creator who has had her work published on several international media channels, including CNN, Forbes, The Huffington Post, and so forth.

You can follow Stephanie on different social media platforms and subscribe to her newsletter to keep yourself updated. 

Host: Stephanie Be

Topic: Female Travel Blogger

Blog: Travel Break

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#5 Debra Schroeder From Travelling Well for Less

Debra Schroeder - Travelling Well for Less

With 26 years of travel experience, Debra is known for sharing the secrets of traveling more for less. Her travel blog is about creatively financing trips and finding the best deals to make the most out of every dollar.

That doesn’t mean she sacrifices solace to save money! On the contrary, her undertakings inspire people to travel well on a meticulous spending plan.

Debra has visited 50 countries across five continents since 1994 using the frequent-flyer program (FFP).

Although she loves to travel with her family, she is predominantly an independent explorer. 

Debra’s blog covers a wide range of topics related to travel β€” solo female travel, luxury budget travel, family travel, miles and points travel, couple travel, and frugal travel.

Host: Debra Schroeder

Topic: Female Travel Blog

Blog: Travelling Well for Less

Where to Start: We recommend starting with “Best Credit Cards for Road Trips.” In this article, she talks about the best credit card for road trips and ways to maximize your travel rewards.

#6 Patti Reddi From The Savvy Globetrotter

Patti Reddi - The Savvy Globetrotter

In the last 20 years, Patti has ventured out to more than 40 nations across each of the seven landmasses. 

She doesn’t adhere to a particular travel style β€” it ranges from budget to extravagant trips and anything in between.

She initiated her travel blog to help you travel smarter β€” less expensive, secure, and in more comfort, that is. 

On The Savvy Globetrotter, you’ll discover bucket list ideas, travel guides, itineraries, travel tips, packing lists, and even adventure quotes. 

The local from Chicago sure has a lot to bring to the table for those who aspire to travel.

Host: Patti Reddi

Topic: Female Travel Blog

Blog: The Savvy Globetrotter

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#7 Gloria Atanmo From The Blog Abroad

Gloria Atanmo - The Blog Abroad

Gloria began her travel blog back in 2015 to share her memories and calculated risks on the road. Her journey as a traveler initially started in 2013 when she booked a one-way ticket to Europe. 

Since then, she has traveled to more than 70 countries on six different continents β€” and she isn’t stopping anytime soon!

She is a talented content creator who is never afraid to voice her opinion. Her blog features travel stories, stunning photographs, and a few handy travel resources.

Whether you’re a full-time traveler or a travel enthusiast, her blog has a little bit of everything for everyone. Through her blog, Gloria tries her best to explain why travel is essential to broadening our perspective and creating a better world.

Host: Gloria Atanmo

Topic: Female Travel Blog

Blog: The Blog Abroad

Where to Start: Jump into “3 Steps to Discovering Your Life’s Purpose,” where Gloria provides insights on three essential questions of life β€” What am I meant to do with this life? What is my purpose? What am I here for?

#8 Eden Ashely From Mint Notion

Eden Ashely - Mint Notion

Mint Notion is not a typical travel blog! It is more of a story of a former shopaholic who effectively changed her approach to a more purposeful and minimalist lifestyle.

With this blog, she wants to help people break free from their limiting money beliefs. She guides people to take control of their money, develop winning financial habits, and get the best out of their life.

Although her blog is not entirely dedicated to travel, the Canadian native has a deep affection for adventure. 

Along with financial advice, Eden also writes about budget travel, ideas to vacation at home, money-saving tips while traveling, mistakes to avoid, and so forth.

Host: Eden Ashley

Topic: Female Travel Blog

Blog: Mint Notion

Where to Start: Start with the “16 Profitable Hobbies That Make Money” article to learn about a few profitable hobbies and how you can make money off of them.

#9 Jen Morilla From The Social Girl Traveler

Jen Morilla - The Social Girl Traveler

Jen is a solo female traveler who has traveled to over 44 countries across six different continents. In 2015, she quit her 9 to 5 job at a marketing agency to start backpacking worldwide.

Apart from being a full-time blogger, Jen is also a YouTuber and a clean water courier.

Jen considers ‘The Social Girl Traveler’ as an impact blog. With this blog, she not only shares her solo female travel adventures but also shares her take on traveling with a purpose.

All in all, Jen is an incredible content creator. She has published her work on several international media, such as Forbes, The Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Telemundo, and many more.

Host: Jen Morilla

Topic: Solo Female Travel or Impact Travel Blog

Blog: The Social Girl Traveler

Where to Start: You can get started with “Why Travel Insurance is Worth It.” In this article, she talks about the importance of travel insurance while venturing to the deepest corners of the earth.

#10 Alyssa Ramos From My Life’s a Movie

Alyssa Ramos - My Life's a Movie

Alyssa Ramos is a full-time solo travel blogger and social media influencer. The Cuban American has visited 110+ countries, seven wonders of the world, seven wonders of nature across all seven continents.

She has also climbed the highest single free-standing mountain in the world, Mt. Kilimanjaro and dived in The Great Barrier Reef.

She started her travel blog to give people as much information and inspiration as possible to make their travel dream come true. Therefore, her blog includes travel itineraries, solo travel ideas, travel hacking, travel gears, travel videos, and so forth.

Her work has also been featured on major press outlets such as The Huffington Post, The Mirror UK, and The Daily Mail.

Host: Alyssa Ramos

Topic: Solo Female Travel Blog

Blog: My Life’s a Movie

Where to Start: You can start at “9 Easy Yet Impactful Ways to Support Locals When You Travel” to learn different tips and techniques to support the local community while traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How safe is it for females to travel solo?

While women have to be a bit more careful while venturing alone compared to men, it has become much safer and more accessible over the years.

In the last few decades, more and more women are traveling solo and claiming their independence. Thus, many hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, and bars in touristy areas actively make things safer and more comfortable for women.

2. Are there any networks to find fellow female travelers?

Facebook is one of the best platforms to find like-minded people. You can simply add a Facebook post to see if your friends or someone they know is traveling to the same destination.

Likewise, you can join relevant Facebook Groups like BMTM Solo Female Traveler Connect, Backpacking Africa, Chiang Mai Digital Nomads, and Indian Travellers & Explorers to share your travel plans, ask questions, and connect with like-minded travelers.

Other than that, you can download apps like Tourlina to connect with other solo female travelers.

3. What are the basic precautions female travelers should take while planning their first solo trip?

Today, traveling solo as a female is not as scary as people make it. There are hundreds of female travel bloggers who travel across the globe alone each year.

Regardless, here are a few precautions you should take while traveling solo.

β€’ Avoid walking through dodgy streets late at night
β€’ Do not wear valuable jewelry while on the road
β€’ Make sure you’re financially secure in case of emergencies
β€’ Always carry travel insurance
β€’ Leave your travel itinerary with family and friends at home
β€’ Research about the place, people, and culture before traveling


It is genuinely tough to settle on a single decision while picking the best female travel blogger out of these digital nomads. All of them share splendid travel experiences and information through their blog posts.

Hence, we strongly suggest you check all the female travel bloggers listed in this article. If you want to start your travel blog but are unsure where to start, we have a guide for you: How to Start a Travel Blog?

Also, check out the list of 15 Highest Paid Travel Bloggers that make thousands of dollars.

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