How to Add a Currency Converter in WordPress

A currency converter enables your website visitors to quickly calculate the exchange rate of different currencies without having to leave your website. If you run a travel website in WordPress, this is a feature you must integrate into your website.

In a way, adding a currency in WordPress helps your visitors to know the prices of your products and services in their local currencies. This feature can make your website easily accessible for your users and possible customers.

Adding a currency converter is not that tall a task for WordPress users. You just need a plugin that supports the currency converter add-on, and you have to follow some simple steps to integrate it on your website. 

In this article, we will be showing you the entire process of how to add a currency converter in WordPress using the WP Travel Engine plugin.

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What Types of WordPress Websites Need a Currency Converter?

Not just travel websites, any type of website can include a currency converter. So whether you run an online store, a small business website, or a simple WordPress blog, integrating a WordPress currency converter is the right way to go. 

Other than travel blogs, the websites that may need a currency converter are:

1. eCommerce Stores:

 If you run an eCommerce store with WordPress and sell products internationally, you need a currency converter to help your users quickly calculate costs in their local currency.

2. Business Websites: 

Having a currency converter integrated on a business website allows your users to see the exchange rate of different currencies. Generally, this is more helpful for multinational businesses.

3. Finance and Banking Websites:

 If you run a finance or banking website, you can include the currency converter to help your users calculate conversion rates without leaving your website.

4. Coin and Forex Exchange Websites: 

Websites that deal with crypto-currencies and forex trading need a currency converter to let their users quickly calculate conversion rates.

Steps to Integrate a Currency Converter in WordPress

Adding a currency converter to your website is not a big deal if youโ€™re a WordPress user. With a handful of WordPress plugins, you can do this within a few minutes. Here, we will demonstrate the step-by-step process of adding a currency converter in WordPress using the WP Travel Engine plugin.

You can either follow the video or the below steps to integrate a Currency Converter using WP Travel Engine:

First and foremost, you must install and activate the WP Travel Engine plugin on your website to get the process going. To do that, download the plugin zip file by visiting:

Now, log in to your WordPress admin dashboard and redirect to Plugins -> Add New from the left sidebar. 

Add A New Plugin

Once you get redirected to the new window, click the Upload Plugin button to move forward. 

upload new plugin

Now, click Choose File option and select the plugin’s zip file that you downloaded a while ago. After that, click the Install Now button to install the plugin on your WordPress.

install WP Travel Engine plugin

Once your plugin gets installed, click the Activate Plugin button to complete the process. 

After activating the plugin, you’ll find the WP Travel Engine plugin at the left sidebar of your WP dashboard. 

Then, hover over it and click on Extensions to find the Currency Converter extension for your website.

go to WP travel Engine extensions

Once redirected to the Extensions menu, click the Get the Extension button placed right below the Currency Converter. 

currency converter extension

After you click it, you get redirected to the extension download page where you need to purchase the selected extension.

purchase Currency converter extensioon

After downloading the Currency Converter extension, upload the folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

Now, activate WP Travel Engine – Currency Converter from the Plugins menu within WordPress. 

activate Currency converter

Once you activate the extension, you need to redirect to WP Travel Engine -> Plugin License from the left sidebar. After that, enter the license key you received during the add-on purchase to the License field for Currency Converter. Once you enter it, click the Save Changes button to continue.

activate currency converter license key

Now, redirect to WP Travel Engine -> Settings -> Extensions -> Currency Converter to configure settings of your extension. 

currency converter settings

Now, configure the settings of the Currency Converter extension as per your need and click the Save & Continue button to complete the process.

configure currency converter settings

The following are the different settings that you can find on the Currency Converter extension:

  • Enable Currency Converter: Using this setting, you can either enable or disable the Currency Converter add-on without the need to disable the plugin to disrupt its features.
  • Enable Sticky Currency Switcher: When you enable this setting, it will add the floating currency converter on the right midsection of your website. Through this, your users can easily convert the price for the trip. 
  • Show Currency Converter Before Booking Calendar: Once you enable this setting, you can display the currency converter dropdown before the booking calendar on the trip page.
  • Currency Converter Title: This is the title that appears right above the currency converter select field.
  • API Key: You can add a free API Key or premium API Key to the currency converter API to pull the currency rates and convert them once the currency gets switched.
  • Geo Locate: If you enable this setting, it will pull the user location and show the currency of that specific location by default. 
  • Auto-update Rate: You can enable this setting to update currency rates automatically. 
  • Add Currency: In this section, you can add the supported currency. You can simply add the row and select the currency type. When it gets saved, it will automatically generate the currency’s current rate. You can also easily remove, sort, or refresh the rate using the action options in each row.


Adding a currency converter in WordPress is simple using the WP Travel Engine plugin. Itโ€™s just that you need some budget to purchase the extension before using it. Once acquired and activated, you can simplify the proceeding for your visitors on your travel website. 

Whenever your users want to purchase a trip package from you, they can view currency conversion rates and easily make payments with their local currency. Having a currency converter on your website is more crucial if you deal with international customers. 

Follow these easy steps and add a currency converter in WordPress yourselves. If you have any doubts, please share them in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a currency converter in WP Travel Engine?

The currency converter is an extension for WP Travel Engine that allows you to convert the trip price between multiple currencies. It also lets you enable the geo-locate feature that automatically detects your usersโ€™ location and displays the trip price based on their specific location.

How does a currency converter extension work?

Once you activate the currency converter add-on, a few basic settings and required fields are automatically enabled or disabled. Besides, you can use the shortcode [wte_currency_converter] or even add the widget for the currency converter.ย 

Furthermore, you can control all other configurations through the setting on the plugin dashboard.

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