WP Travel Engine Version 4

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have installed and activated any of the WP Travel Engine Addons, please make sure to update them to the latest available version after updating WP Travel Engine to version 4.0.0.

WP Travel Engine Plugin helps you convert your WordPress website into a complete travel booking website.

Using this plugin, you can add trips with a detailed itinerary and allow customers to enquire and book the trips on your website. You can arrange and manage trips you offer based on destinations, activities, and trip types.

This plugin also helps you manage all your customers โ€“ new and old. You can view the number of bookings made by a particular customer. You can manage all the bookings, enquiries, and customers right from your WordPress dashboard.

The latest version ( version 4.0.0 ) of WP Travel Engine plugin brings out a lot of enhancements, updates to the backend user interface, and functionality updates to make setting up your travel website easier than ever. We have enhanced the core setting screens, like Global Settings, Trip Edit screen, and major parts of WP Travel Engine to make your experience with WP Travel Engine smoother than ever.

With the new UI, step by step trips creation and update tabs and eccentric settings panel, creating, managing, and updating your trips is easy in one smooth interface. We have also added engaging tabs UI, Quick save mode in all of the settings section, and guided trips creation and management system for your travel website.

Whatโ€™s New in version 4.0.0?

  • Intuitive backend UI

The major change in the new version ( v.4.0.0 ) of WP Travel Engine plugin brings out one of the most engaging backend UI for managing your trips and settings. We have updated the interface into a beautiful and functional tabs layout that acts as a uniform dashboard panel to create and update your trips.

Here are some of the screenshots and details of the changes we have made to make your experience with the WP Travel Engine better.

We have split the default โ€œTripsโ€ menu into two parts, Trips and WP Travel Engine. With the restructuring of the menus, managing and creation of trips, destinations, activities, and trip types are under the old Trips menu with a new icon.

The all-new WP Travel Engine menu right below contains all of the bookings, enquiries, customer lists, and Global Settings pages. With the new menu structure, finding a specific page or section is easier for Admin users.

New Trip Edit Screen

The new trip edit screen has been updated to an engaging vertical tabs layout for managing different sections of your trip settings. All the tabs are customized and settings are kept as per the section. The new settings toggles, inputs and labels are also designed to make it easy to understand and edit trip details.

The tabs are swiftly loaded and easy to navigate. We have also added a new feature to quickly save your changes with a save & continue button on the bottom of the tab. It will quickly save the recent changes in the tab without having to refresh the whole trip edit screen.

Upon saving the trip settings, the save and continue button also redirects you to the next settings tab maintaining the trip edit/creation a smooth wizard, which helps you configure your trips settings with ease.


We have moved the General pricing option to combine with a dedicated Pricing tab where you can add prices for Adult, Child, and Infant by default. Also, pricing settings from all pricing add-ons ( like Group discount and partial payment ) will be shown in this tab.

Tab Titles

A new Tab Titles setting has been added to trip tabs. The title will be shown inside the tabs before content in the frontend.

  • Updated Booking Screen

The new backend UI updates also come with a new and refreshing screen to manage and display your trip bookings.

We have updated the booking details screen to have clear details about the booking, highlighting the most important information on the top.

You can also quickly edit and save any of the booking information manually and update the booking.

  • Updated Enquiry Screen

We have also updated the Enquiry screen to make it easier to go through enquiries received for your trips. We have a new row in the enquiries listing that lets you have quick glance for the enquiries received.

  • Global settings update

The global settings for WP Travel Engine has been moved under the new WP Travel Engine menu. With the new version of WP Travel Engine, overall UI and functionality of the global settings page has also been updated.

We have used a horizontal tabbed layout for the menus and submenus of Global settings. Like in the trips screen all of the tabโ€™s settings can be swiftly saved in the global options page swiftly.

Extensions Settings

All of the WP Travel Engine addons global settings have been moved to the Extensions tab. Each of the addon settings are accessible from the tab with the addon name.

  • New User Onboarding process

For the first time users of WP Travel Engine, we have also introduced the new User Onboarding Wizard in WP Travel Engine V.4.0.0.

Upon activating the plugin for the first time, users will be able to setup basic settings and configurations to get started with their travel website.

Onboarding process screen