New Release- WP Travel Engine v5.8.2

At WP Travel Engine, we are dedicated to providing travel business owners with essential tools and features to enhance their travel operations. 

As part of our ongoing commitment, we are excited to announce the latest release of WP Travel Engine v5.8.2, packed with new features, bug fixes and improvements.

Let’s explore the changes we’ve made in WP Travel Engine v5.8.2.

New Features 

1. Automatically Generate User Account

In version 5.8.2, the plugin can now automatically create user accounts upon booking completion. This eliminates the need for manual account creation, allowing customers to log in and manage bookings seamlessly.

To activate this feature, simply head to your dashboard and enable it.

Automatic User Account Creation

2. Email Subject Customization

As an admin, you can now use dynamic tags such as {booking_id}, {payment_id}, {sitename}, {name}, and {fullname} within email subject lines.


  • SVG Performance Optimization: SVG images now include width and height attributes, potentially leading to a performance boost.
  • Security Improvement: All “http” links within the plugin have been upgraded to “https” for enhanced security across its functionalities.
  • Bookings Table Upgrade: The bookings list now has a new “Trip Date” column, which provides a quick view of each trip’s starting date.

Bug Fixes

  • Trip Cloning Functionality: An issue preventing the cloning of trips has been fixed.
  • CSV Export: You can now successfully export booking data as a CSV file.

Thank you for choosing WP Travel Engine!

To experience the exciting new features and bug fixes in v5.8.2, we highly recommend updating your plugin. Remember to back up your website before updating.

To that end, we invite you to share your suggestions and feedback with us. We’re constantly striving to improve, and your input is invaluable. What new features would you like to see in upcoming versions?

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