WooCommerce Payments

WooCommerce Payment Gateway is an add-on for the WP Travel Engine plugin that enables trip payments via different payment gateways supported by WooCommerce.

WooCommerce offers support for wide range payment gateways. With the WooCommerce Payment Gateway add-on, the WP Travel Engine plugin now provides compatibility to make payments with these wide ranges of WooCommerce Payment Gateways.


To use the WooCommerce Payment Gateway addon, you will need to install:

  • WP Travel Engine version: 5.4.0+
  • WooCommerce version: 6.4+
  • WP Travel Engine – WooCommerce Payment Gateway version: 1.0+

Feature Highlights

  • Effortless Configuration

Installing the extension is easy: all you have to do is download the extension from your dashboard, upload it on plugins, and activate it. You then enable the payment gateway so that users can use WooCommerce Checkout and Payment Gateways to purchase/book trips.

  • Easy to Use

The extension has straightforward functionalities, making it easy to maintain everything from the dashboard. The extension uses the checkout and payment gateway of WooCommerce, which has an efficient, minimal design on the front-end, eventually making the booking process seamless. 

  • Supports all WooCommerce Payment Gateways

WP Travel Engine’s WOOCOMMERCE PAYMENT GATEWAY extension works on all Woocommerce-supported payment gateways, including the most common ones:

  1. Direct bank transfer
  2. Cash on delivery
  3. PensoPay
  4. Stripe iDEAL
  5. Authorize.net
  6. Stripe
  7. Paypal
  8. PayMob
  9. CCBill
  • Detailed Payment and Booking Information

The extension now enables websites to receive more information from the end-user. With the added details, website owners can comprehensively understand each customer’s Payments and Bookings. 

  • Secured Payment Gateways/ Options

The payment gateways supported by the extension use encryption to protect customer data during the purchase. They can also process high-value transactions while providing an extra layer of security.

  • Receive Payment in Local Currency

This extension’s compatibility with WooCommerce Payment Gateways will also let you receive payments in your local currency/region if WooCommerce supports your local payment gateways. 

  • Continuous Development & Support

Like all of our addons, we provide dedicated support for any help required while using the extension. You can simply drop us a support message, feature request or any queries regarding the addon to get a prompt response.

We are also working on continuous development and adding exciting new features to the addon with each update.


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WooCommerce Payments Changelog

Version 1.1.1 , 20th June, 2023
  • Improvement: Added package name in checkout page.
  • Fix: Duplicate Booking emails issue is fixed.
  • Fix: Language pot file name is corrected.
Version 1.1.0 , 23rd July, 2022
  • Enhancement: Booking details in WooCommerce Checkout
  • Enhancement: Booking details in Booking emails
  • Fix: Booking seats compatibility with WTE FSD plugin
  • Fix: Customer details missing on emails
Version 1.0.1 , 14th July, 2022
  • Fix: License activation issue.
Version 1.0.0 , 14th June, 2022
  • Initial Release