Social Proof

If you’re looking for a way to boost customer confidence and conversions on your travel website, then the Social Proof is the perfect solution for you.

Social Proof is an add-on for WP Travel Engine that allows you to display real-time notifications of customer activities such as trip bookings, enquiries and reviews in delightful little popups.

Not only does this give your website an air of credibility, but it also builds trust with potential customers.

Key Features

Social Proof Dashboard

Social Proof Dashboard lists all of your notifications in one place and provides a breakdown of how many people have viewed them and clicked through notifications. You can also track the click-through rate for each notification to see how effective they are at driving bookings.

  • Total View Count:  It shows the number of times your notification has been viewed.
  • Click Count: It displays the number of times users have clicked on the notification.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR):  It shows the rate of clicks by its views in percentage.

Notification Type

You can create three different types of notifications using the Social Proof add-on.

  • Trip Booking Notification: This notification is displayed when someone books a trip.
  • Trip Enquiry Notification: It pops up when someone makes an inquiry about a trip.
  • Trip Review Notification: This notification is displayed when someone leaves a review for a trip.

Notification Settings

With Social Proof’s extensive customizable options, you can manage and control how and when your notifications are displayed. These are the settings you can adjust:

  • Notification Type: You can select the type of notification you want to add.
  • Notification Styles: You can pick the design style for your notification.
  • Content Editing: You can add content or create a template for the notification pop-up. You can use the existing tags to display customer-specific information.
  • Show Booking of: You can choose to display the booking notification for all trips or for the selected trips on your website.
  • Show on: It lets you display the notifications either across all the pages of your website or only on the Single Trip page.
  • Display for: You can choose to display the notification either for everyone or just for logged-in users.
  • Position: It allows you to select the position for the notification popup.
  • Notification Size: This allows you to define the maximum width of the notification in pixels.
  • Mobile Visibility: Enabling this option hides the notification on small screen-size devices.
  • Delay Before First Notification: You can set the time in seconds after which you want to display the notification once a site has loaded.
  • Display For: It lets you enter the timeframe for each notification to display.
  • Delay Between: It sets the delay between the display of each notification.
  • Display the last: You can select the number of latest bookings/reviews/enquiries you want to highlight through the notification.
  • Display from (in Days): You can specify the number of days to display the notification.

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Social Proof Changelog

Version 1.0.0 , 30th June, 2022
  • Initial Release