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Partial Payment add-on lets you offer flexible payment options, including advance and full payments, to enhance your travel bookings.

How can you benefit from it:Β 

  • Offer customers an easier payment method by allowing them to pay in installments.
  • Set percentages or fixed amounts for each trip, providing customizable payment plans.
  • Enable customers to book by paying all at once or in parts, catering to different preferences.
  • Attract more people with flexible payment options, making travel more accessible for everyone!
  • Ease customer worries and increase booking confidence by reducing the need for large upfront payments.

1. Offer Customized Payment Plans for Each Trip

Set partial payment for each trip as a percentage or a specific amount.

With this approach, customers can choose how much they pay upfront. Thus, your business becomes more accessible, and customer satisfaction increases.Β 

This approach offers a set amount or a percentage for upfront payments. It suits various budgets and boosts bookings across diverse tour types.

2. Tailored Tour Payments for Every Budget

Set individualized payment options for each trip, recognizing their distinct appeal.

You can offer custom down payment rates for tours catering to various budgets. This approach suits everything from budget-friendly options to luxury experiences. It meets the needs of a wide range of travellers.

3. Payment Flexibility: Installments or Full Payments

Offer customers installment plans or immediate full payments.

Some customers prefer paying in parts, while others enjoy the ease of a one-time payment. Allowing customers to pay for their entire trip at once makes the booking process easy and simple.Β 

4. Clear Payment Summaries for Seamless Bookings

Provide customers with a clear payment summary when booking a trip.

It helps your customers know their due amount instantly, avoiding any potential confusion. 

5. Easy Setup and ConfigurationΒ 

Easily set up and configure the Partial Payment add-on with a single click. 

With the Partial Payment add-on, you can enable or disable deposits with just one click. You can easily customize the payment options for your travel packages to meet your customers’ needs.

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Partial Payment Changelog

Version 2.1.3, 26th June, 2023
  • Feature: Added option to show/hide full payment option.
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 2.1.2, 9th July, 2021
  • Compatibility update for WP Travel Engine 5.0
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 2.1.1
  • Bug fixes
Version 2.1.0
  • Remaining Payment Issue Fixes
  • Compatibility updates for WTE 5.0
Version 2.0.1, 2nd June 2021
  • Compatible with WP Travel Engine 5.0
  • Minor bug fixes.
Version 2.0.0, 18th June, 2020
  • Revamped backend UI.
  • Compatible with WP Travel Engine 4.0
  • Minor bug fixes.
Version 1.0.5
  • Requirements check for WP Travel Engine.
  • Shiny update added for future versions.
Version 1.0.4
  • CSS updated
Version 1.0.0
  • Initial release