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Form Editor is a premium add-on to WP Travel Engine plugin that lets you customize the forms in the WP Travel Engine core plugin. With the addon, you can add, edit, remove and easily sort the form fields used in WP Travel Engine. The addon provides flexible options to manipulate Trip Enquiry Form, Booking Form, Travellerโ€™s Information Form, and Emergency Contact Form all from one central options page right in your Admin Dashboard.

The form editor addon provides an ultimate solution to the travel business owners to create and modify forms as per their business-specific needs and get the most out of website visitors. With the addon, creating user-friendly forms for all the enquiry, booking and checkout processes is super easy and flexible.

With intuitive UI, easy interface and tons of options for customization, you can now take full control of the WP Travel Engine forms on your website.

Features of Form Editor Addon

  • Add form fields

The Form Editor addon lets you add your custom fields under a wide range of field types available within the plugin. You can now collect additional information from your travellers through the built-in form in WP Travel Engine by simply adding fields of your choice.

  • Edit form fields

The Form Editor addon lets you edit the existing form fields in all of the forms easily. You can now edit labels, add classes or reorder the placement of form fields as per your choice or requirements.

  • Form fields sorting

Sorting field in each of the forms is now easy with simple drag & drop. Form editor add-on makes it easy to sort all of the fields in WP Travel Engine as per your requirements. The sorting of fields is applicable for both default fields and newly added fields and takes customization of forms to the next level.

  • Deleting form fields

Form Editor also lets you delete any unwanted fields ( Except for required ones ) in any of the forms easily with a single click in the back-end user interface.

  • Reset fields

Messed up form fields while editing or want to get back the default fields that were accidentally deleted? Simply press on the โ€œReset to defaultsโ€ button to reset the changes and get back the old fields.

Continuous Development & support

Like all of our addons, we provide dedicated support for any help required for using the addon. You can simply drop us a support message, feature request or any queries regarding the addon and get a prompt response.

We are also working on continuous development and adding exciting new features to the addon with each update. 


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License of WP Travel Engine
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Form Editor Changelog

Version 2.1.1, 3rd December, 2021


  • Enquiry form redirection not working
Version 2.1.0, 5th August, 2021
  • Compatibility update for WTE 5.0+
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 2.0.2, 17th August 2020


  • Add/Update License field missing issue resolved.
  • WPML support added.
  • Minor Bug fixes.
Version 2.0.1, 21st July 2020


  • Pot file not found for translation issue fixed.
  • Minor Bug fixes.
Version 2.0.0, 19th June 2020


  • Compatibility fixes for version 4.0.0 WP Travel Engine
Version 1.0.1, 8th April, 2020


  • Compatibility check for WordPress 5.4.
  • Requirements check for WP Travel Engine.
Version 1.0.0
  • Initial release