Advanced Itinerary Builder

Advanced itinerary builder

Advanced Itinerary Builder is an extension for the WP Travel Engine plugin to add informative and descriptive details per day in the Itinerary section of a particular trip. With the addon, you can showcase your trip’s details in a much more interactive approach.

The addon features advanced itinerary content which enables the use of the rich-text editor, attractive gallery, day-by-day information, details per destination, accommodation, activities and other features that will make your trip packages look more beautiful and informative for your customers.

This addon adds transparency and clarity of activities for each day on a particular trip to your visitors on a whole different level. Tour operators can promote their trips with the maximum amount of information for each day throughout the trip.

Feature Highlights

  • Rich text editor for itinerary description

Advanced Itinerary Builder provides the WYSIWYG editor to add your itinerary descriptions. This means that you will have the flexibility to add images, videos, formatted texts, and rich-content to describe the itinerary details for each of the days.

  • Itinerary images gallery

The addon provides an additional images gallery upload section where you can showcase all the images you want to describe the activities for the day. The images will be displayed in a responsive popup gallery in the front-end right below the description content. You can add multiple images that will be shown in the scrollable section.

  • Itinerary duration information

Advanced itinerary Builder also provides you with an additional duration field that lets you display duration of activities for the day in optional hours and minutes units. This adds additional flexibility to your itineraries making them flexible and easy to plan.

  • Meals included information  

Another crucial itinerary detail that lets your users get a clear hit of meals included during the day of the itinerary. The easy UI and concise options will let you easily provide information about the meals included within the day for the trip package.

  • Sleeping Mode

Sleeping mode information field lets you add unique sleeping modes your trip offers for each itinerary day through flexible selection options. You can add custom sleeping mode options as per your requirements from global settings and choose the mode for each individual day.

The sleeping mode information also comes with a rich-text editor that helps you display information with images/videos and formatted content about the sleeping mode/accommodation options available throughout your package. The information is displayed in yet another responsive popup with description content.

  • Itinerary Elevation Chart

Elevation Chart lets you add a detailed elevation profile for the route that your trip itinerary offers. With its easy-to-use settings, it offers your website users a seamless experience in exploring the trekking elevation chart.

WP Travel Engine – Advanced Itinerary Builder is a complete package that lets you display descriptive information about your itinerary days in each trip package. With the features and flexibility, you can showcase your trip itinerary highlights to your customers easily.

  • Continuous Development & Support

Like all of our addons, we provide dedicated support for any help required for using the addon. You can simply drop us a support message, feature request or any queries regarding the addon and get a prompt response.

We are also working on continuous development and adding exciting new features to the addon with each update.


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Advanced Itinerary Builder Changelog

Version 2.1.1, 26th April, 2023
  • Fix: Duplicate request when chart bg url is empty.
  • Fix: Accomodation popup closing Issue
Version 2.1.0, 12th September, 2022
  • WTE Compatibility update
  • Fix: Itinerary Images popup Issue
  • Fix: Design Fixes
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 2.0.8, 3rd June, 2021
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Compatibility update for WP Travel Engine 5.0.0
Version 2.0.7, 17th February, 2021
  • Minor bug fixes.
Version 2.0.6, 4th November, 2020


  • Altitude chart design/color optimizations.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Version 2.0.5, 3rd November, 2020

New feature:

  • Altitude chart based on itinerary location and altitude.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Version 2.0.4, 15th September, 2020
  • UI changes in the Itinerary image gallery section.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Version 2.0.3, 29th July, 2020
  • Itinerary title not being saved issue fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Version 2.0.2, 3rd July, 2020
  • Meals string translations support added.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Version 2.0.1, 30th June, 2020
  • Text domain and domain path added for translations.
  • Itinerary delete support added.
Version 2.0.0, 19th June, 2020
  • New backend UI compatibility updates.


  • Minor Bug Fixes.
Version 1.0.4, 20th May, 2020


  • Global setting added to expand itineraries toggles on load for Trip Details.
  • Itinerary Day label add/edit support added.


  • Minor Bug Fixes.
Version 1.0.3, 22nd April, 2020


  • Filters added for Travel Muni theme.
  • JS assets optimized.


  • Gallery images popup design issue fixes.
  • Minor Bug Fixes.
Version 1.0.2, 7th April, 2020


  • mCustomScrollbar assets updated.
  • Minor Bug Fixes.
Version 1.0.1, 2nd April, 2020


  • Compatibility check for WordPress 5.4.
  • File path updated for single-trip itinerary templating.
  • Hooks added for Travel Muni theme.


  • Minor Bug Fixes.
Version 1.0.0
  • Initial release