Itinerary Downloader

Itinerary Downloader

WP Travel Engine – Itinerary Downloader is an extension for the WP Travel Engine plugin to generate the itinerary PDF and include various content of the trip to create an offline, quick accessible trip detail brochure file to help you get updated and plan every moment of your trip.

It’s easy to get quick detail about the trip without constantly reaching the site online. The addon grants the ability to download the trip details including various sections such as trip overview, trip availability, trip cost, trip itinerary, trip fact, most frequently asked question about trip, quick contact detail, and so on. 

Once the PDF generated is downloaded, these PDF itineraries can even quickly be accessed on the phone, so even when the internet isn’t available, everything can still go according to plan.

This one-stop travel companion addon helps you access the important most necessary details about the trip.

Feature Highlights

Itinerary Download Button

You can directly add the shortcode into any of the trip pages and it will generate the quick link to generate the pdf on a single click.

Send Itinerary to Email

You can also change the setting to create the popup form for the itinerary downloader. When added to the email, it will generate the pdf file and send the pdf to the user email as an attachment.

Ease of use

Easy to use and through shortcode, an easy shortcode is available to create buttons to download the itinerary. A click will automatically pull data and download and send the pdf to email as required.

Mailchimp Integration

When email popup form enabled and MailChimp API key added and after configuring the few other settings, you can also expand your subscription while sending the user itinerary pdf. This is easily configurable through various settings.

Configuration Settings

This addon offers great flexibility of configuration. You can configure the text to be displayed, to include/hide particular sections and other smaller configurable settings to control various aspects of the pdf file generation.

Continuous Development & Support

Like all of our addons, we provide dedicated support for any help required for using the addon. You can simply drop us a support message, feature request, or any queries regarding the addon and get a prompt response.

We are also working on continuous development and adding exciting new features to the addon with each update.

User Consent Settings

You can configure the user consent option to get user consent or control the MailChimp integration. If enabled and made required, the user will be forced to provide consent in order to send Pdf to email. Or you can also give users the option to be included for a subscription list or not accordingly. Important and useful for GDPR reasons.


Itinerary Downloader - Setting

Itinerary Downloader - Setting

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