Currency Converter

Currency Converter

Currency Converter is an extension for WP Travel Engine that lets you convert the trip price between multiple currencies. You can add multiple currencies of your choice and let your customers have an easy conversion of currencies and display of prices.

With the addon, you can also enable the geo-locate feature to automatically detect your users’ location and display the trip price in relevant currency.

In addition, the currency converter switcher can also be displayed in the booking calendar giving extra flexibility for customers to switch between the trip price in different currencies.

You can also display the currency converter switcher via Widget and Shortcode.

Note: Currency Converter lets you convert trip price between multiple currencies, however, the trip booking and payment can only be processed through the admin defined currency.

Feature Highlights

Easy to use

You just have to list which currency support you would like to add and you are good to go. You can directly add the currency converter at the top of the booking calendar on the trip page by controlling a single checkbox.

Widget Support

You can also add a widget to display the currency converter option from the widgets section.

Shortcode Support

You can also add the shortcode [ wte_currency_converter ] to display the currency converter option from the editor or on the PHP template.

Automatic Currency Converter

You can set the currency converter API to enable the Auto-update of the currency and convert one currency to another easily.

Geo Locate

You can also geolocate the visitor to display the currency as per the location.

Sticky Currency Converter floating bar

You can also enable the floating currency converter menu bar on the right to ease users in switching between currencies.


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