Coupon code for WP Travel Engine

Coupon Code

Do you occasionally run discount offers for trip bookings on special occasions like Black Friday, Christmas, New Year? Providing your customers with Coupon Codes will attract your travelers and in turn, increase your sales.

Coupon Code is an extension for WP Travel Engine to generate a quick form to let site visitors use the coupon discount during the trip checkout.

This easy, on-the-go, one-stop travel companion addon helps you easily manage discount campaigns through either flat discount or percentage discount. 

Feature Highlights

Easy to use

You just have to create the coupon from the admin and set its name, valid start date, valid expiry date and you are good to go. No need to set other settings at all and you can immediately start to use the coupon. 

Unlimited Coupons

You are free to create unlimited coupons as per required.

Start And Expiry Date

You can simply set the start and end date for the coupon and it will only be valid during that time period.

Number of Use Control

You can set the count of the coupon to limit how many times the coupon will be used. For e.g. If you set the number of uses of the coupon to 100, the coupon can only be used by any user to 100 times regardless of when or who has used the coupon.

Trip Specific Restriction

You can also restrict where the coupon will be used. You can restrict the coupon to be used only on a particular trip if required.

Discount Type

You can either set the discount type to a flat amount or set it on a percentage to let the add-on calculate the discount amount accordingly.



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