Extra Services is an extension for WP Travel Engine plugin to add additional services for trips.

Extra Services requires WP Travel Engine plugin installed.


To install the Extra Services Extension:

  1. Download the extension from your dashboard
  2. Upload the folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate ‘WP Travel Engine – Extra Services’ from the Plugins menu within WordPress

Plugin License

After the activation of Extra Services addon, site admins will need to add and activate the license key to receive regular updates.

To activate the addon license go to the Admin Dashboard > Trips > Plugin License. Enter the license key received during the purchase of addon to the License field for WP Travel Engine – Extra Services. After adding the license key, save the key with the “Save Changes” button.

A new “Activate License” button will appear after a page refresh, which should be pressed to activate the license on the site.

Activation message will be shown after successful activation like in the screenshot:

After successful activation, Extra Services addon can be updated from the plugins page normally, whenever a new update is released.

How it works?

Extra Services makes it easier for the tour operators to add services like airport pick-up, hotel drop-off, vehicle rental, or any other services you want to the trips. 

The tour operators and travel agencies can specify the extra services and their rates while creating the package. Later, travelers can book the package along with extra services at a specified additional cost.


To configure Extra Services Extension, go to Trips > Settings > Extensions.

Click the “Add Extra Service” button to create global Extra Services for trip booking. You can add a service title, description, and price that the user can select on per traveler or on a per unit basis.  

  • Extra Services per Unit: The extra service amount to be applied per unit.
  • Extra Services per Traveler:  The extra service amount to be applied per traveler.

Extra Services can also be created for each trip individually. You can select and add among the global extra services or create an individual extra service per trip for each trip posts.

Later, travelers can book the extra services through the Booking Form on the sidebar.

Additional Email tags

Extra Services addon provides additional email tags that can be used in the Purchase Receipt and Booking Notification emails to display the extra services purchased.

To display the extra services purchased in the booking notification or purchase receipt, you can simply set the {extra_services} tag in the email template editor.

This will output the extra services information in the email.

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